Prophecy sayers from South India

Sri Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra swamy:

Pothuluri Veerabrahmam (or Pothuluri Veerambotlayya or Veerappayacharyulu or Veerabrahmendra Swamy) & Brahmamgaru was a well-known sage in the 16th century. He has been credited to be the “future predictor” of his time. He is the author of ‘Kalagnanam’ which is the work of chanting poems with future predictions where most of the predictions came true and continuing to happen. He had thousands of disciples who followed his principles and theories. He is also the author of ‘Jeevaikya Bhoda’ which is a high-end subject regarding the unification of One’s spirit into Universal Consciousness.

There is no historical evidence about Veerabrahmam’s exact date of birth but believed to be in 1608. The Divine Avatar is born to religious couple ‘Paripurnayacharya’ and ‘Prakruthamba’ of a Vishwabrahmin family near the river Saraswathi in Brahmandapuram village. The couple sacrifed Swamy’s birth and Veerambotlayya was brought up at Atri Mahamuni Ashram near Kashi. Later, Veerabhojayacharya, Head of the Paapagni Mutt, Chikballapur, Karnataka, was on his pilgrimage tour with his wife. The couple visited the Sage Atri Ashram, and Sage Atri gave the child to the Veerabhojayacharya and Prakruthamba couple. The Veerabhojayacharya couple took the child as God’s gift, and returned to Paapagni Mutt. The child was named as ‘Veeram Bhotlaiah’. Veerabrahmendra Swamy, as Veerambhotliah at Paapagni Mutt, at the age of 11, authored the ‘Kalikamba Sapthashathi’, the manuscript written in praise of Goddess Kali. A few days later, Veerabhojayacharya sacrificed and Veerambhotlayya told his step mother that he has refused to take homage responsibilities and started his spiritual journey. His prime disciple was ‘Siddaiah’, who was a Dudekula by birth (one of the caste of Muslims). He was called Dudekula Siddaiah.

People started listening to his chanting and philosophical poems and with due respect, called him ‘Srimadvirat Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra Swami’. Thousands of people gathered to hear his famous Kalagnanam. Out of these, 320 verses are called Govinda vakyas. You can download the original 320 Govinda Vakyas along with translations in Download menu.

Saint Sarvajna:

Most of the telugu people don’t know this saint. But to my considerations, this saint is know-er of all times. He is a Kannadiga, Shaivaite, Philosopher, Saint (Sanyasi), Prophet, and Dharma Bikshu. He has foretold future before the time of Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy. He said that he lived in Kaliyuga 2000 years. He said his prophecies to King Bijjala Raya, and his minister, Chenna Basavanna ( Founder of Veera Shaivaism) in “Anubhava Mandapa” in Kalyana fort.

Saint Sarvajna told the future from the time of King Bijjala Raya to the establishment and rise and downfall of Vijayanagara Empire and to the Return of Vijayanagara Empire under the Veera Vasantaraya himself. Of course the half of his predictions where happened and another half is about Veera Vasantaraya, which are yet to happen.

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You can download his prophecies in Telugu language in Download menu.

Yogi Subbaraya:

                   Nothing is known about this person. The only known resource is the 11th chapter of Kalagnanam in which he called himself as “My Soul of Subbaraya”.
You can download his prophecies under Download menu.

4 thoughts on “Prophecy sayers from South India

  1. But what is that causes mankind to be inspired by century old prophecies that touch on the aspects of human experience?

    1. How do you know that he has written many books?? Do you know about Subbaraya??
      I am actually confused whether the Subbaraya mentioned in 11th chapter of Kalagnanam book is the “Swami Krishnananda (disciple of Swami Sivananda Saraswati)” or “Yadatore Subbaraya Sharma (a banglore brahmin)” or “Yogi Subbayyacharya (a disciple of Eswari Matha (Grand daughter of Brahmendra Swamy))”.
      So I can’t give you more information on this person.
      But my guess is Y Subbaraya Sharma. Becoz he has also written books on Astrology and somewhere in kalagnanam I remember a phrase “Banglore Ayyavaru”.
      Since I don’t have clarity on it, I cant say anything about it to you. Sorry Sir.

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