Dajjal – the Fakechrist

Are they waiting to see if the Angels come to them, or thy Lord (Himself), or certain of the Signs of thy Lord! The day that certain of the Signs of the Lord come, no good will it do to a soul to believe then, if it believed not before nor earned righteousness through its Faith. Say: “Wait ye: we too are waiting” (Qur’an 6:158)

It was reported from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet said, “There are 3 things, which, if they appear, ‘No good will it do to a soul to believe them then, if it believed not before nor earned righteousness through its faith’. They are: the rising of the sun from the west, the Dajjal, and the Beast from the Earth.” (Ahmad, Musnad, 2/455 – Muslim, Kitab al-Iman 1/96 – Tirmidhi, Abwab al-Tafsir (Hadeeth 5097), 8/449,450)

Note: Although the Dajjal is not mentioned specifically in the Qur’an, the above hadeeth clearly makes ayat 6:158 as a reference to the Dajjal’s appearance as one of the signs that will appear when faith will not be accepted of anyone who did not have it before. For that reason, I have decided to add that ayat in reference to the Dajjal as well as in reference to the sun’s rise from the west.

  • Narrated Umm Sharik: I heard Allah’s Apostle (peace be upon him) said: “The Dajjal would be followed by 70,000 Jews of Isfahan (in Iran) wearing Persian shawls.” (Muslim.)
  • Anas bin Malik reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: “The Dajjal would be followed by 70,000 Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls” (Sahih Muslim, Book 41, No. 7034). ‘Armies of the Dajjal will carry blue helmets’
  • Jabirbin Abdullah said, “The Prophet said, ‘The Dajjal will appear at the end of time, when religion is taken lightly. He will have 40 days in which to travel throughout the earth. One of these days will be like a year, another will be like a month, and another will be like a week, and the rest will be like normal days. He will be riding a (white) donkey (this could possibly an airplane) (made of iron); the width between its ears (possibly wings) will be 40 cubits (60 feet). He will say to the people: “I am your lord.” He is one eyed, but your Lord is not one eyed. On his forehead will be written the word Kaffir, and every believer, literate or illiterate, will be able to read it. He will go everywhere except Makkah and Madinah, which Allah has forbidden to him; angels stand at their gates. He will have a mountain of bread, and the people will face hardship, except for those who follow him. He will have 2 rivers, and I know what is in them. He will call one Paradise and one Hell. Whoever enters the one he calls Paradise will find that it is Hell, and whoever enters the one he calls Hell will find that it is Paradise. Allah will send with him devils that will speak to the people. He will bring a great tribulation; he will issue a command to the sky and it will seem to the people as if it is raining. Then he will appear to kill someone and bring him back to life. After that he will no longer have this power. The people will say, “Can anybody do something like this except the Lord?” The Muslims will flee to Jabal al-Dukhan in Syria, and the Dajjal will come and besiege them. The siege will intensify and they will suffer great hardship.

Then ‘Eyssa bin Maryam will descend, and will call the people at dawn: “O people, what prevented you from coming out to fight this evil liar?” 

They will answer, “He is a jinn.”          

Then they will go out, and find ‘Eyssa bin Maryam. The time for prayer will come, and the Muslims will call on ‘Eyssa to lead the prayer, but he will say, “Let your Imam lead the prayer.” Their Imam will lead them in praying (the morning prayer), and then they will go out to fight the Dajjal. When the liar sees ‘Eyssa, he will dissolve like salt in water. ‘Eyssa will go to him and kill him, and he will not let anyone who followed him live.'” (Ahmad.)

  • ‘Abdullah bin Masood narrates that the Prophet said, “The distance between the ears of Dajjal’s donkey is 40 cubits and its single step is equal to 3 days journey. He will board his donkey and enter the seas like you enter a narrow pipe riding upon a horse…” (Nu’aym bin Hammad, Kitab al-Fitan)
  • The Prophet said : “The Dajjal uses a special kind of donkey possessing two enormous ears, each of which is at least 30 arms-lengths, moving in the skies, with the clouds so near he can reach them with his hand and it travels faster than the sun going to its sunset.” (Mentioned in Kanz ul-`Ummal and `Uqd ad-Durrar, Imam al-Maqdisi.)
  • The Prophet said, regarding the Dajjal’s donkey: “He eats rocks and a mountain of smoke precedes him and people ride inside him, and not on his back.” Another version has: “In front of him is something like a mountain of smoke and behind him something like a green mountain, calling to men in a loud voice, ‘come to me, my sincere ones, my saints, come to me my lovers, come to me I am going to create for you everything good.” (al-Hakim and Ibn Asakir)
  • Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Messenger of Allah said, “The False Messiah will appear from the east heading towards Medina until it reaches (the area) behind (the mount of) ‘Uhud. Afterwards the Angels will (force him to) turn his face towards al-Sham, and there he will perish.” (Ahmad and Sahih Muslim, Book 7, No. 3187)
  • Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Messenger of Allah said, “On every pass near Medina there are Angels (guarding it). Plagues and the Dajjal will not enter Medina.” (Malik, Ahmad, Bukharai, Muslim; see mukhtasar sahih Muslim, no. 781)
  • Anas bin Malik said that the Messenger of Allah said, “There is not a city but will be overwhelmed by the Dajjal, except Mecca and Medina. Every pass that leads to them will be surrounded and guarded by Angels. He (Dajjal) will make camp close to the Sabkhah (salty marsh). Then, Medina will experience 3 earth tremors, after which every disbeliever and hypocrite will leave it to join him.” (Bukhari and al-Nasa, Ibid. No. 2055)

* Reported by Imran, bin Hussain in the reference of Nawawi, “Gardens of Righteousness”, the Messenger of Allah said:

“When the Dajjal appears, a believer will set out towards him and encounter his guards. 

They will ask: ‘Where are you going?’ 

He will reply: ‘I am going to the one who has appeared.’ 

They will ask him: ‘Don’t you believe in our lord!’ 

He will reply: ‘Our Lord has no secrecy.’ 

Then some will say to the other: ‘Let us kill him!’ 

But they will say: ‘Hasn’t your lord forbidden you to kill anyone without his order?’ 

So they will take him to the Dajjal. 

When the believer sees him he will call out: ‘O people, this is the Dajjal who was mentioned by the Messenger of Allah!’ 

Upon this the Dajjal will command them to kill him, and inflate his back and stomach. 

Then he will ask the man: ‘don’t you still believe in me?” 

But he will reply: ‘You are the Dajjal.’ 

Then the Dajjal will order him to be sawn in half, through his skull to the top of his legs. After this the Dajjal will step between the two parts of his body and address them saying: ‘Rise up!’ whereupon the man will become whole and stand up. 

The Dajjal will question him again: ‘Do you believe in me?’ 

But the man will answer: ‘I have only learned more about you!’ 

And he will turn to the people and say: ‘Now, he will be unable to do anything to anyone!’ 

So the Dajjal will seize him in order to kill him but Allah will make his neck from its base upwards to be as if it were made of brass and the Dajjal will be rendered incapable of killing him. Thereafter he will take hold of his arms and legs and throw him. People will think that the Dajjal has thrown him into the fire, but instead he will be thrown into Paradise.”

The Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, added: “This man will be the one of the greatest martyr in rank before the Lord of the Worlds.” (Abu Sa’id Khudri)

* Narrated Umm Sharik: I heard Allah’s Apostle (peace be upon him) said: “The people would run away from the Dajjal seeking shelter in the mountains.” 

She said: “Where would be the Arabs then on the day?”

He said: “They would be small in number.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 41, No. 7035)

* It was reported that Ibn ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The Dajjal will come to this pond in Marriqanaat – a valley in Madinah – and most of those who go out to him will be women, until a man will come to his mother in law, his mother, his daughter, his sister and his aunt, and will tie them up strongly for fear that they will go out to him.” (Narrated by Ahmad, no. 5099)

Abu Umamah al-Bahili said, “The Prophet (S) delivered a speech to us, most of which dealt with the Dajjal and warned us against him. He said, ‘No tribulation on earth since the creation of Adam will be worse than the tribulation of the Dajjal. Allah has never sent a Prophet who did not warn his Ummah against the Dajjal. I am the last of the Prophets, and you are the last Ummah. The Dajjal is emerging among you and it is inevitable. If he appears while I am still among you, I will contend with him on behalf of every Muslim. But if he appears after I am gone, then every person must contend with him on his own behalf, and Allah will take care of every Muslim on my behalf. He will appear on the way between Syria and Iraq, and will spread disaster right and left. O servants of Allah, adhere to the path of Truth. I shall describe him for you in a way that no Prophet has ever done before.

He will start by saying that he is a Prophet, but there will be no Prophet after me. Then he will say, “I am your Lord,” but you will never see your Lord until you die. The Dajjal is one-eyed, but your Lord, glorified be He, is not one-eyed. On his forehead will be written the word Kafir, which every Muslim, literate or illiterate, will be able to read. Among the tribulations he will bring will be the Paradise and Hell he will offer; but that which he calls Hell will be Paradise, and that which he calls Paradise will be Hell. Whoever enters his Hell, let him seek refuge with Allah and recite the opening Ayat of Surat al-Kahf, and it will become cool and peaceful for him, as the fire became cool and peaceful for Abraham.

“He will say to a Bedouin, What do you think if I bring your father and mother back to life for you? Will you bear witness that I am your lord? The Bedouin will say Yes, so two devils will assume the appearance of his father and mother, and will say, “O my son, follow him for he is your lord.”

“He will be given power over one person, whom he will kill and cut in two with a saw. Then he will say, Look at this slave of mine, now I will resurrect him, but he will still claim that he has a Lord other than me. Allah will resurrect him, and this evil man (the Dajjal) will say to him, Who is your Lord? The man will answer, My Lord is Allah, and you are the enemy of Allah. You are the Dajjal. By Allah, I have never been more sure of this than I am today.”

Abu Sa’id said, “The Prophet (S) said, ‘That man will have the highest status among my Ummah in Paradise. ‘

Abu Sa’id said, “By Allah, we never thought that that man would be any other than ‘Umarbin al-Khattdb, until he passed away.”

Al-Muhdribi said: ‘Then we referred to the Hadith of Abu Rafi’i, which said, “Part of his Fitnah ‘will be the fact that he will pass through an area whose people will deny him, and none of their livestock will remain alive. Then he will pass through a second area whose people will believe in him; he will order the sky to rain and the earth to bring forth crops, and their flocks will return from grazing fatter than they have ever been, with their flanks stretched, their udders full. He will pass through every place on earth – except Makkah and Madinah, which he will never enter, for there are angels guarding every gate of them with unsheathed swords until he reaches al-Zarib al-Ahmar and camps at the edge of the salt-marsh. Madinah will be shaken by three tremors, after which every Munafiq (hypocrite) will leave it, and it will be cleansed of evil, as iron is cleansed of dross. That day will be called Yawm al-Khalas (The Day of Purification).”‘

Umm Sharik bint Abi’l-‘Akr said , “O Messenger of Allah, where will the Arabs be at that time?”

He said, “At that time they will be few; most of them will be in Bayt al-Maqdis (Jerusalem), and their Imam will be a righteous man. Whilst their Imam is going forward to lead the people in praying Salat al-Subh (the morning prayer), ‘Eyssa bin Maryam will descend. The Imam will step back, to let ‘Eyssa lead the people in prayer, but ‘Eyssa will place his hand between the man’s shoulders and say, ‘Go forward and lead the prayer, for the Iqamah was made for you.’ So the Imam will lead the people in prayer, and afterwards ‘Eyssa (AS) will say, ‘Open the gate.’ The gate will be opened, and behind it will be the Dajjal and a thousand Jews, each of them bearing a sword and shield. When the Dajjal sees ‘Eyssa, he will begin to dissolve like salt in water, and will run away. ‘Eyssa will say, ‘You will remain alive until I strike you with my sword.’ He will catch up with him at the eastern gate of Ludd and will kill him. The Jews will be deflated with the help of Allah. There will be no place for them to hide; they will not be able to hide behind any stone, wall, animal or tree – except the boxthorn (al-Gharqarah) – without it saying, ‘O Muslim servant of Allah! here is a Jew, come and kill him!”‘ 

The Prophet (S) said, “The time of the Dajjal will be forty years; one year like half a year, one year like a month, and one month like a week. The rest of his days will pass so quickly that if one of you were at one of the gates of Madinah, he would not reach the other gate before evening fell.”

Someone asked, “O Messenger of Allah, how will we pray in those shorter days?” He said, “Work out the times of prayer in the same way that you do in these longer days, and then pray.”

The Prophet (S) said, “‘Eyssa bin Maryam will be a just administrator and leader of my Ummah. He will break the cross kill the pigs, and abolish the Jizyah (tax on non-Muslims). He will not collect the Sadaqah, so he will not collect sheep and camels. Mutual enmity and hatred will disappear.

Every harmful animal will be made harmless, so that a small boy will be able to put his hand into a snake’s mouth without being harmed, a small girl will be able to make a lion run away from her, and a wolf will go among sheep as if he were a sheepdog. The earth will be filled with peace as a container is filled with water. People will be in complete agreement, and only Allah will be worshipped. Wars will cease, and the authority of Quraysh will be taken away. The earth will be like a silver basin, and will produce fruit so abundantly that a group of people will gather to eat a bunch of grapes or one pomegranate and will be satisfied. A bull will be worth so much money, but a horse will be worth only a few dirhams.”

Someone asked, “O Messenger of Allah, why will a horse be so cheap?”

He said, “Because it will never be ridden in war.”

He was asked, “Why will the bull be so expensive?”

He said, “Because it will plough the earth. For three years before the Dajjal emerges, the people will suffer severe hunger. In the first year, Allah will order the sky to withhold a third of its rain, and the earth to withhold two-thirds of its fruits. In the third year, He will order the sky to withhold all of its rain, and the earth to withhold all of its fruits, so that nothing green will grow. Every cloven-hoofed creature will die except for whatever Allah wills.”

Someone asked, “How will the people live at that time?”

He said, “By saying La ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar, Subhan Allah and Al-Hamdu-li’llah. This will be like food for them.” (Ibn Majah, Kitib al-Fitan, (Hadith 4077), 2: 1363.)

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