Birth of Vasantaraya

                                                             శ్రీ వీర వసంత రాయలు వారి జనన ఘడియలు

శ్రీ వీర భోగ వసంత రాయలు జననం గూర్చి బ్రహ్మంగారి మఠము నందు గల కాలఙ్ఞాన పుస్తకము నందు వివరింపబడినది.

1. As per Veera Brahmendra Swamy Kalagnanam, Govinda vakya no.99

కల్లయుగము అయిదేవేలేండ్ల లోపల కలికి రూపుడు తరలి వచ్చీనిమా
ఎల్లలోకము లేలుచు చతుర్యుగ సద్ధర్మములు మహి నిలిపేరుమా

Meaning – By 5000 years of Kaliyuga, Kalki Avatar (Veera Vasantaraya) will be arrived.
As discussed in previous topic Kaliyuga started in year 2930 B.C. Then 5000 years of Kaliyuga comes to Year 2070 A.D. So, as per the above Govinda vakya, Vasantaraya should arrive by year 2070 A.D.

2. In Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy’s Kalagnanam, Govinda vakya no.60

విశ్వావసులోన ఉద్భవమయ్యీని కాశ కులములోన బుట్టీనిమా
పశు సంవత్సరం ప్రాకృతమయ్యీని పశ్చిమ దిశలందు ప్రబలీనిమా

Meaning – In Viswavasu nama samvatsara,’ఉద్భవమయ్యీని’ Vasantaraya enters into his mother’s womb and in Pasu nama samvatsara(also called Parabhava nama samvatsara), ‘ప్రాకృతమయ్యీని’ He becomes a normal human form.
From the point 1, we determined that Veera Vasantaraya will arrive before 2070 A.D. But above vakya states that, Vasantaraya will get conceived in his mother’s womb in Viswavasu year and takes birth in Parabhava year before 2070 A.D. So the chances of those years are either in the past or 2025 & 2026.

3. From original Kalagnanam book of Brahmamagari Matam, from 9th chapter Saint Sarvajna said that

” వీర వసంత రాయలు పదకొండోయేట బయటవెళ్ళును. పంచ రాత్రిళ్ళు శ్రీరంగాలు జూచి అనేక వైష్ణవులు కొలువంగాను త్రిపురాంతకానకు తూర్పుకడగా శ్రీశైలం మీదికి వచ్చును.”

Meaning – At age of 11, Veera Vasantaraya will come to outer world. He shall come to Srisailam from east of Tripurantakam after visiting 5 Vaishnava temples for 5 nights.
If Veera Vasantaraya has taken birth previously he should have already known to the world by age of 11 years. Hence his birth is still in future. That is in the years 2025 & 2026.

4. In Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy’s Kalagnanam, Govinda vakya no.61

మామ మామయని పిల్చును అల్లుడు మారేడు బుర్రలోఉండీనిమా
మామ పేరు మార్గశిర శుద్ధ చతుర్దశి మంగళవారమని పాడేరుమా

Meaning – Songs are sung about Lord Shiva, who dwells in Bael tree, as Fourteenth day after New moon in Ninth month falling on Tuesday.
The day that was mentioned in above Govinda vakya by Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy does exactly falls on 22nd December 2026 14:25 hrs. to 24:00 hrs.

22nd December 2026 – As the date falls in year 2026 which is Parabhava nama samvatsara( also Pasu nama samvatsara), so we have chance of Veera Vasantaraya taking birth on 22nd Deccember 2026. And it takes exactly 40 weeks for an ideal progeny. Thus dating back 40 weeks to above mentioned date, it arrives to exactly on 19th March 2026.

19th March 2026 – This date fulfill the vakya ‘విశ్వావసులోన ఉద్భవమయ్యీని’ as the date is last day of the year Viswavasunama samvatsara.

So the dates 19th March 2026 & 22nd December 2026 are very important in arrival of Veera Bhoga Vasantarayalu, Incarnation of God.

10 thoughts on “Birth of Vasantaraya

  1. Dear Sir,
    Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy who went into jeeva samadhi predicted that he would reincarnate as Sree Veerabhoga Vasantharaya an avatara of Vishnu in the Year 1965-66. Please check out about the various prophecies that mention that the third world war would begin in 2037 with a comet and an asteroid would fall on land and sea killing people and submerging many countries. This war would be waged by the Mahdi of Greater Arabia on Europe who would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons on the continent. Many people who engage in corrupt practices and are agnostic ( who do not believe in God) would be killed by Lord Kalki.

    1. Dear Ravi shankar, I dont know from where you base your words. As of mine are truly converted from original kalagnanam of Sri Veera Brahmama garu. I base my words on clear logic and calculation from the writings of Brahmam garu, subbaraya and sarvajna. I speak everything with quoting of govinda vakya numbers and true timelines. I placed the original verses of kalagnanam called “govinda vakyas” in my site. Explain me on what records have you based your explanations about war in 2037. But read the govinda vakya no.242 of kalagnanam of brahmam garu, it says”after jupiter enters scorpio, all countries will make war”. i.e. after jan/2042. I dont know about any war in 2037. Though if any war happens in 2037, that does not involve vira vasantaraya. Thats true. Because after 11 years of birth, he will come outside to srisailam. If he is born in 2025 around, 2036 he will come outside. According to subbaraya, When jupiter enters virgo, journey of vira vasantaraya starts i.e.from 03/nov/2039. I gave the true sanskrit writings of subbaraya in my site. you can check out at subbaraya originals in my site. Mostly strike off your year 1965-66 as birth of vira vasantaraya, its between nov/2025 to dec/2026. Nobody can tell exact date.
      Kindly read the ORIGINAL WRITTEN things. my advise. thank you for placing comment sir.

  2. HI All
    Lord Lahari Krishna born in 24-Feb-1921 and
    Established Manujothi Ashram in 1953.
    Incarnated in 21-July-1969 , on the First Moon Landing Day.
    His Mission was lasted for 20 years: 1969 – 1989 ( 24-Feb-1989).

  3. There is no Solar Eclipse on 19th March 2026 ………U can check on the link

    Yaa, it’s true , there will be 2 Solar eclipses and 3 Lunar eclipses in that Plavanga nama samvatsara(from Apr/2027 to Mar/2028) as said by Yadathore Subbaraya Sharma.

    So, I suggest to admin that correct the error of Solar Eclipse on 19th March 2026.

    1. Thanks. i too didn’t found eclipse on NASA site on 19/3/26. I mistook as eclipse by looking the sky on that particular day in Stellarium software. Its looking like a eclipse in it. I will delete it. Thank you very much. Im happy atleast i got a reader.

  4. In the later period of Kaliyug end, Veerabrahmendra Swamy would take rebirth as Veera bhoga vasantharayulu and rule for 108 years.

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