Birth of Vasantaraya

Nicolas ‘Siener’ van Rensburg, a Prophecy Sayer from South-Africa said “The second coming of Christ being a jubilee year it will cause the South African borders to extent beyond Zimbabwe and Namibia.” Jubilee years refer to 25th, 50th ,75th and 100th year of a century. Example 2025, 2050, 2075 etc.,

Veera Brahmendra Swamy, a saint from South India described in his Kalagnanam Govinda vakya no.60 saying “విశ్వావసులోన ఉద్భవమయ్యీని కాశ కులములోన బుట్టీనిమా” – In Viswavasu nama samvatsaram,’ i.e. between April 2025 to March 2026, Veera Vasantaraya will be born into Kasha Community.

Another prophecy by Veera Brahmendra Swamy is Govinda vakyas no.99 that “కల్లయుగము అయిదేవేలేండ్ల లోపల కలికి రూపుడు తరలి వచ్చీనిమా, ఎల్లలోకము లేలుచు చతుర్యుగ సద్ధర్మములు మహి నిలిపేరుమా” – By 5000 years of Kaliyuga, Veera Vasantaraya will arrive to rule all 14 worlds.
As discussed in this same website under different post, Kaliyuga started in year 2930 B.C. Then 5000 years of Kaliyuga will be the year 2070 A.D. So, as per the above prophecy, Vasantaraya should arrive by year 2070 A.D.

An old woman of 90 years from Valdres in Norway prophesied in 1968 that “I will not see it, but you will. Then suddenly, Jesus will come and the Third World War breaks out. It will be a short war.” From the old women prophecy we can understand that Jesus will return before Third World War. As discussed in my website under World War III post, the war will begin after 2057 and finishes by 2059. So, Jesus alias Veera Vasantaraya will be born before 2057 A.D. itself.

Another prophecy is by Prophet Muhammad, Founder of Islamic religion. He said “India will be conquered by the Muslims, just prior to the return of Prophet Jesus, son of Mary.” As Naimatullah Shah Wali also predicted the same prophecy and Veera Brahmendra Swamy prophecy of War in North in Roudri nama samvatsaram exactly coincides with above Muslim prophecies. That is when Uttarayanam of Hindu calender falls in between 12th month and 10th month of Islamic calender, that period will see a war between Indians and Muslims. This period will exactly fall between Nov-2040 to Sep-2041, which is a part of Roudri nama samvatsaram as foretold by Veera Brahmendra Swamy.

Another prophecy is Yogi Subbaraya said that “when Jupiter enters Virgo, Veera Vasantaraya will start his journey and comes outside.” One of the times, Jupiter enters Virgo on Nov-2039. He also said that “when Jupiter enters Capricorns, Veera Vasantaraya will come with his army to Srisailam.” One of the times, Jupiter enters Capricorns on Feb-2044. This prophecy also coincides with Veera Brahmendra Swamy, that “In the year Rudhirodgari, a war at Hampi will take place.” Rudhirodgari year is 2043-44 A.D.

After all observing the above prophecies and keeping in mind the New Northern star, I conclude the year Vishwavasu nama samvatsaram (2025-26) will see the birth of Veera Vasantaraya.

But regarding the date of his birth, It was cursed by Lord Sri Maha Vishnu that nobody should know his birth. He said in 3rd chapter and 5th chapter of Kalagnanam “Dharmaja’s birth way shall not be known. Cannot be known.”

And Bible also says same thing.
1 Thessalonians 5:2 “for ye yourselves know perfectly, that the day of the Lord shall come even as a thief in the night.”

So it will be a Lie, if someone decides the date of Vasanataraya’s birth.


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  1. Dear Sir,
    Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy who went into jeeva samadhi predicted that he would reincarnate as Sree Veerabhoga Vasantharaya an avatara of Vishnu in the Year 1965-66. The various prophecies that mention that the third world war would begin in 2037 with a comet and an asteroid would fall on land and sea killing people and submerging many countries. This war would be waged by the Mahdi of Greater Arabia on Europe who would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons on the continent. Many people who engage in corrupt practices and are agnostic ( who do not believe in God) would be killed by Lord Kalki.

    1. Dear Ravi shankar, I dont know from where you base your words. As of mine are truly converted from original kalagnanam of Sri Veera Brahmama garu. I base my words on clear logic and calculation from the writings of Brahmam garu, subbaraya and sarvajna. I speak everything with quoting of govinda vakya numbers and true timelines. I placed the original verses of kalagnanam called “govinda vakyas” in my site. Explain me on what records have you based your explanations about war in 2037. But read the govinda vakya no.242 of kalagnanam of brahmam garu, it says”after jupiter enters scorpio, all countries will make war”. i.e. after jan/2042. I dont know about any war in 2037. Though if any war happens in 2037, that does not involve vira vasantaraya. Thats true. Because after 11 years of birth, he will come outside to srisailam. If he is born in 2025 around, 2036 he will come outside. According to subbaraya, When jupiter enters virgo, journey of vira vasantaraya starts i.e.from 03/nov/2039. I gave the true sanskrit writings of subbaraya in my site. you can check out at subbaraya originals in my site. Mostly strike off your year 1965-66 as birth of vira vasantaraya, its between nov/2025 to dec/2026. Nobody can tell exact date.
      Kindly read the ORIGINAL WRITTEN things. my advise. thank you for placing comment sir.

    2. What a coincidence in your writing???????
      However Iam unable to agree with your statements until you, Sir, show your research about concluding on War in 2037.
      But its damn true.
      Only difference is- its between Europe and Russia.
      I still don’t know about India.
      And please withdraw the statement that Veera Vasantaraya is born in 1965-66. Please Sir.

  2. Sir!can u please say where lord vasantaraya is staying now??Is he in srisailam?? Or he is the peetadhipathi of lord veera brahmendra swamy matam.

    1. No, madam. he is not born yet.
      Govinda vakyam no. 60 – he will be born in Viswavasu nama samvatsara. (expecting in 2025 A.D.)
      Govinda vakyam no. 62 – he is born in kashmir area and will stay there for 6 months.
      Govinda vakyam no. 60 – he will be born into ‘KASHA’ community.
      According to Saint Sarvajna, Veera Vasantaraya comes to outside world at age of 11 years. According to my understanding of Veera Brahmendra Swamy writings, by Pingala nama samvatsaram Kartika month Suddha dwadasi(2037 november) – Veera Vasantaraya will come. According to astrology predictions of Subbaraya Sharma, by January 2038 Mission of Veera Vasantaraya will begin.
      So, he is not born yet. And he is not anyway related to Veera Brahmandra Swamy peetadhipathi, but they will assist him in his mission.
      According to prophecies of Veera Brahmendra Swamy and Hopi people (Old Native American people), the Avatar who is coming to this world will bring his own religion, which I think not depends on Statues, Languages etc., but on spirituality (Paramaatma).
      If you see any new stars in sky and rains of flowers in years 2024 to 2027, and any unexpected situation in june/july 2027, then 2025 is the birth year of Veera Vasantaraya. Or else it is 2325 A.D.
      Thanks madam.

    1. Dear Sir,
      If kaliyuga started in 3102 B.C. then the present year 2017 is 5119th year. But according to prophecies and govinda vakyas of Veera Brahmendra swamy, Veera Vasantaraya comes before 5000 years of Kaliyuga. I explained it with proofs in my website.
      And moreover, the main difference with astrologers and saints is: Astrologers base their kaliyuga age marking on Chitra Nakshatra in Head of Aries. Thats a blunder mistake. This is blunder mistake of Jawaharlal Nehru Govt. Read the history. But saints base the Death Day of Sri Krishna as start as kaliyuga age. Sri Krishna died in Prajjotpathi nama samvatsara, how come 3102 B.C. is not Prajjotpati nama samvatsara??
      Ours is Soni-Lunar Calender, in which moon is given priority to Sun. But after india had got independence in 1947, J.Nehru to avoid confusion to declare holidays and festivals in national wide has ordered a group of great astrologers of India to prepare a unique calender to fit it with all other world calender mainly with that of British calender. In that manner a mistake has been done as taking the Sun as priority in our present calender. Thus our present calender is just a garnished order of British calender.
      The astrologers, what a fools, has based Sun and Chitra nakshatra in Head of Aries as start of Kaliyuga leading it to decide February 3102 B.C. as start as Kaliyuga. But What we have to consider is the Moon in the Ashwini Nakshatra at Head of Aries which actually falls in Ashwiyuja month(October). Definetely October month is the start of Kaliyuga. As because Veera Brahmendra Swamy said the same as in future in October month the Kaliyuga will end. Even the french idiot, that Nostradamus said the same thing. In October there will be a great eclipse as we feel that the gravity has earth has been lost and every stone on earth will turn.
      Dont believe what you read in internet or in websites like mine or others. Believe the things with doubt, Trust them with logic.
      Thanks for the comment.

      Truth is always truth, it never alters on what you believe or what i believe.

  3. kalki avatar as we know who is reincranation of veera brahmendra swami is already born and also married residing in sambala waiting instruction from the instruction of rishis to start his mission..and yes kaliyuga started from 20 dec 3102 b.c.

    1. Then Dear Sir,
      Answer me the following prophecies and my questions.
      1) There should be 4 new stars in sky before his birth. What are those 4?
      2) In which community has he born?
      3) By age of 12, he shall lead Vijayanagara kingdom. When did he lead?
      4) From which land did he got married?
      5) In which year does he was born?
      6) What is the name of Him?
      7) Where is sambala village. Show me on google map?
      8) What the name of Lord’s woman?
      9) What is the name of Lord’s Parents?
      10) Which Rishis instructions do the Lord is waiting for?
      11) What is his mission?
      12) Who said he is the reincarnation of Veera Brahmendra Swamy?
      13) Tell me the previous birth story of Kalki avatar(Veera Vasantaraya)?
      14) What the boon given by Sri Maha Vishnu to this Kalki Avatar in his previous birth?
      15) Prophecy by Veera Brahmmendra Swamy in his Govinda Vakyam No.62, Kaliki Avatar will be born in Kashmir area. Did it happened? Then which place is Shambala?
      16) Who is the father-in-law of Lord?

      Thank you.

      Kindly reply these questions Sir. I will be lifetime greet full if you truly show me the Kaliki Avatar.

    1. No sir, he will not. He will just reconquer India and Kill the Antichrist. He abolishes all religions and establishes new divine principles. He will take mankind into next level.
      Whereas what is use of war, it is for fools. Anyway WW3 is between Russia and Europe mainly. Ofcourse we will suffer heavily becoz of China and other Islamic nations. But Vasantaraya will revive the country from South.

      Killing the Antichrist is a serious issue becoz he is another level. Weapons and Strength cannot harm him. So God is sending Vasantaraya for that sake.

  4. sir,nice work I am interested in a new type of astrology and i appreciate your astrological since , clarify my doubt 1.veera bhooga vasantaraya marries in vikram year as kalki date of birth is 2026 it can only in 2060,it seems he marries in 34 years is it true ! 2.clarify whether the day is sarvana poornima. Remember I want to study kalki chart ,so please let me to know as fast as you can post SIR

    1. Dear sir, Marraige of Vasanataraya is for sure in this Avatar. But for date I don’t know it.

      Another thing is usually Kalki jayanthi is celebrated on Sravana Panchami. Know that the birth date of Vasanataraya is unknown to all. It is said by Sri Maha Vishnu itself in both Kalagnanam and Markendeya purana. Never try to know birth day of Vasanataraya, you never get right day. It’s just in year Vishwavasu. That’s it. For it is protected to know. It was even said in Bible, ” Nobody knows that day, for he returns as a thief in the night”.
      Hence every one who speaks of Vasantaraya birth is just a fake. Becoz it was said by Veera Brahmendra Swamy, “No one should know the birth of Vasantaraya. For it is “Deva Rahasyam”. You can only know from the help of Guru’s.”

    1. As per Kalagnanam original print book and many other authors books on Kalagnanam, I have found only 320 govinda vakyas sir. I dont know how many really are.? Sorry

  5. i would like to know more about kalki avatara being born in upcoming future year prediction is really true or false, by any chance if its true i like to see the proof

    1. Dear Sir, I’m too in a state of confusion that “Is the Veera Vasantaraya is the final Kalki Avatar or there is another one?”
      One thing is sure Veera Vasantaraya is an avatar, and he shall surely come within this century. He is none other than Dhruva, who is none other than Prophet Jesus. But I do miss clarity whether he is the final Kalki avatar or not? Some parts of Kalagnanam speaks that “Lord Vishnu saying to Sage Markendeya regarding a Boon Son of Vishnu, whom the whole world should bow to him, as they did to Vishnu.” As usual Bible speaks the same thing. When coming to Islamic prophecies, they speak of a King and a Prophet. There King is Mahdi and Prophet is Jesus Returning. Islamic prophecies says “That just before Judgement days, a King will be born among Arabs who will rule whole Middle East, South Europe, African parts. But Prophet Jesus will descend at last days to save Mahdi from Antichrist, in the final Battle.
      In one chapter of Kalagnanam says – “Kalki avatar is different from Vasantaraya.” Where as in one of the Govinda vakyas of Veera brahmendra Swamy it says “Kalki avatar will come within 5000 years of Kaliyuga.”
      I will tend more to “Vasantaraya is the Kalki avatar.” becoz as all the religions speaks the start of New Age after Vasantaraya. And until 1000 years which after that another war, after that total peaceful age in another world (??).
      Me and You, I speak frankly, are just half knowledge’s. The funny part is questioning and answering each other, is just like blinds describing an elephant.

    1. I dont know nothing about Treta yuga starting and ending. I have never read any original source, nor I never tried to calculate. Sorry Sir.

  6. And how can you be more sure sir whith the help of lord vishnu’s 10 Avatar will arrive to end kali yuga? Because sometime’s prediction can go wrong sir?

    1. Prediction can go wrong, but not prophecy.
      Prediction is a guess made on current situations. But Prophecy is made on Visual power. It never goes wrong. Unless any swines infiltrate the original one’s, like the Holy Bible is made today.

  7. Very nice discussion
    Hari om
    Admin sir as i am listened to the kalagnanam the predictor claimed that viraboga vasantaraya will born at shambala village in Karnataka but as I searched in Google maps I dint find it

    So I am confused very much plz can give any clarification on this

    1. As far as my general knowledge concerns ‘shambala’ village is in Himalayas, not from Karnataka. If you have different opinion with proof, you can discuss please. Another is – ‘shambala’ village can’t be found in G-Maps. May be becoz’ its name is different to us, or may be normal eyes cant see it or may be it may not exist.
      As far as Veera Brahmendra Swamy Kalagnanam says – Vasantaraya will be born in Kashmir area.
      As far as Sarvajna Kalagnanam says – he will be born to Kashmir King Raja Jayasimha.
      So I believe Vasantaraya will be born in area around Kashmir area itself.

  8. Namaskaram to all!

    Though the exact date of Sri Brahmmamgaru is not available on the internet, based on the Telugu books of Kalagyanam, I wish to list out the following.

    1) After living for 175 years on earth, on this day of Kali 4094, Shukla paksha, suddha dhasmi of Viasaha month, I enter into samadhi. From this day after 16 samvathsara cycles (16*60 years), I will be born in the Vishwavasu year as Sri Veeraboga Vasantharaya.

    Samadhi year, Kali 4094 corresponds to 992 AD, so his DOB is 817AD
    Samadhi year = 992 AD
    16*60 = 960 years
    Remaining balance up to next Vishwavasu = 14 years
    His arrival year = 992+960+14 = 1966 AD
    Today we are in kali 5119.

    How could this be true? Why couldn’t he have lived in 17CE?

    i) Chola dynasty will meet hits downfall. (The last ruler was Rajendra Chola III, the dynasty perished in 1279 AD. What is the use of telling this 4 centuries after the Chola downfall?)
    ii) Swetha mukha people (British) will come to rule the country. (If swami lived in 17th century then by that time East India Company was already here for more than 75 years. People would not have accepted the past or ongoing incidents as predictions.)
    iii) When I arrive as Veeraboga with full powers, a Navartha mandapam would have been built in Kandimallayapalle. (This was built in 2004 by Sri Patnala Sanyasi Rao of Chennai.)
    iv) Sri Ramanuja will lead the path in Vaishnavam, his disciples will spoil his name in due course. (Ramanujar was born in 1017 AD at Sriperumbudur.)

    1. Sir, the problem is with – you are basing your conclusions from either from ‘Biography of Veera Brahmendra Swamy’ – written by some authors or from Some other Kalagnanam books written by middle men. Frankly, I never read your conclusions except the (ii).
      Perhaps that, some of the authors have mixed up the prophecies of Veera Brahmendra Swamy with Prophecies of Sarvajna (who lived before 11th Century).
      The problem with your conclusions is (just giving an example) – The ii) point you commented above is actually contaminated prophecy (not correct). The original one is – “Foreigners will come to rule Bharat country”. But some one or may be yourself have rewritten it with “Swetha Mukha People” instead of foreigners. There are others prophecies naming “Swetha Mukha people” but not related to ruling India. See the difference.
      Regarding the point 1) – I read it in biography of Swami, but never took it seriously because biography is something that is written based on oral and vague statements. And why don’t you read the kalagnanam book published by Brahmamgari matam, instead of anything from other books and websites. Only the original Kalagnanam book, no more biographies or middle men books.
      If the statements that you have mentioned in comment above are based on true writings of Brahmamgaru, then kindly send me a pic of it to ‘’.
      If you have got it some where else like from third party books or websites or translated contents, kindly through those books on the road and get the original book from Brahmamgari Matam or you can mail me your postal address, i will send one.
      Sir, the problem is not with authenticity of Kalagnanam, its about the idiots around the Kalagnanam. The idiots always try to contaminate the original things with their own intuitions. There’s the actual problem begins. Offcourse I’m one of those idiots.

      At last, what we should think of most is not about personal details of Veera Brahmam garu. Its about what he had given to the world?? – The Kalagnanam.
      So i research on Kalagnanam, not on Kalagnanam writers. Of-course I respect them and worship them. Thank you.

      Sir, if you want to discuss more, kindly download the telegram app and click this link to join the group –

      Thanking You.
      To Selva Chandrasekar, author and genealogist, Chennai.

    2. Your calculations are quite right….And the last Avatar and final Avatar of Vishnu is Ramakrishna Paramhansa…He has come and will assume human.body again. he himself declared to Vivekananda that he is an Avatar of Vishnu. Before exiting the body he said that he will come back again after 100 years in the direction of Northwest from Dakshineshwar, Bengal. Its written there in “Gospel of Ramakrishna” . He must be amongst us and will reveal himself at the appropriate time.

  9. We will be alive when kalki take birth on earth , within this century he will be.
    Born or not plzz answer soon

      1. Dear Admin,

        A little analysis regarding Vasantharaya’s birth in 2025 can be as follows:

        In 8th chapter, it was said that:
        ” శ్లో: మాస కార్తిక మేకం తు సర్వం మాసాత్మమే మయం
        వేదాంత సూక్ష్మగీతానాం శ్రీమా మాయుష్యం భవ
        మాస మాశ్వీజమేకం తు సర్వమేకమే మయం
        అమావాస్య చంద్ర మేకం తు ఆది వీరకాలమే మయం
        అడ్డపున్నమ విశ్రాంతం ఆదిత్య మండలం మయం
        విష్ణు వీరదర్శనం చైవ వీరధర్మజ కాలమయం. ”

        మా శాల్మికులైన వారికి మా మహిమ తెలియదు. కార్తీక శుద్ధల నాటి ఉద్భవ మయ్యేము.

        From above,
        (1) Firstly, i think we can conclude that by November, 2025 i.e., in Karthika Month of 2025 i.e., between 22nd Oct to 20th Nov, 2025, Vasantharaya’s birth will take place.
        (2) Secondly, trying to narrow swamy’s birth date part in Karthika Month little close. Again infer from (i) “కార్తీక శుద్ధల నాటి ఉద్భవ మయ్యేము” , also from the saying: (2) “Lord
        Vishnu goes to sleep on Ashadha suddha ekadashi and wakes-up on Karthika suddha ekadashi”. Now combining both (i) & (ii), we may conclude that swamy may take
        birth on Karthika suddha ekadashi.

        Thus, with my negligible part of knowledge from above versus, i, i may conclude that Sri Veera Bhoga Vasantharaya’s birth time as Karthika suddha ekadashi, Viswavasu nama Samvatsaram in Kaliyuga or simply put 15th November, 2025 i.e., in another 7 years 4 months 3 days from today.

        Ofcourse, all the above analysis may be one-sided.

        Can u admin, please shed little more light on above analysis?

        1. Page 12 Line 8 of Kalagnanam book has sayings that ‘ధర్మజుని పట్టుబడి ఎరుగలేరు. తెలియరాడు. కారణం ఎవరు కానంగాలేరు. ‘ That was said by Lord Shankarshana to Sage Markendeya. Govinda vakyam 56 says, the ways of birth cannot be said but can be known with the help of Guru (I think jupiter here). I have thought of Karthika masam for arrival of vasantaraya at srisailam. But your point of view has given me another scope, because in the 8th chapter after mention of Karthika masam appearance, the continued events are Veda hymings around world, Rain of flowers, Full moon on new moon day….. These events are around 2027 only. So here mentioned Karthika masam should be related to birth of vasantaraya itself. May be we should see the transits of Jupiter for clues. As page 12 says On East with Jupiter in Capricorn. Even govinda vakyam 56 also says about Guru Krupa.
          Never confirm the date. Let’s think more about it.

          1. Dear Admin,

            Drilling down a little further with understanding individual chunk of what was said,

            You have replied:
            (1) “Page 12 Line 8 of Kalagnanam book has sayings that ‘ధర్మజుని పట్టుబడి ఎరుగలేరు. తెలియరాడు. కారణం ఎవరు కానంగాలేరు. ‘ That was said by Lord Shankarshana to Sage Markendeya.”

            A). Well, though, UNDERSTANDING Swamy (in total) is way out of scope, one can infer or
            understand from various sources little about swamy which we all are trying to.
            ‘తెలియరాడు. కారణం ఎవరు కానంగాలేరు’, again, we can’t know fully, (or atleast maximum, if not
            full) our own family member whom we are residing with for decades, lest, knowing swamy is
            grossly out of the reach.

            (2) “Govinda vakyam 56 says, the ways of birth cannot be said but can be known with the help of Guru (I think jupiter here). I have thought of Karthika masam for arrival of vasantaraya at srisailam. But your point of view has given me another scope,”

            A). ‘The WAYS of birth cannot be said’, very well, nowhere i told the WAY of birth of swamy ( like he
            will be born from Pala samudram or from Nakshatra Mandalam or from Earth, etc). I’m just trying
            to pinpoint swamy’s BIRTH TIME (not the WAY) as close as possible.

            ‘but can be known with the help of Guru (If we think jupiter here)’ may mean that Jupiter, (the
            planet who rules higher learning, and bestows upon us a desire for exploring ideas, both
            intellectually and spiritually) may help us by bestowing us the intellectual & spiritual capabilities
            to dig little deep on swamy’s birth.

            Further down, from 8th chapter:
            “అడ్డపున్నమ విశ్రాంతం ఆదిత్య మండలం మయం
            విష్ణు వీరదర్శనం చైవ వీరధర్మజ కాలమయం.”
            Does this mean, ‘రామధర్మజులు సూర్యమండల మందు ‘ or ‘just దర్శనం
            only, meaning may be , after his birth, not ‘. …. Its just my
            inference, need not b true always.

            (3) “because in the 8th chapter after mention of Karthika masam appearance, the continued events are Veda hymings around world, Rain of flowers, Full moon on new moon day….. These events are around 2027 only.”

            A). To infer ‘These events are around 2027 only’:
            (i) Govinda vakya no.60 says “విశ్వావసులోన ఉద్భవమయ్యీని కాశ కులములోన బుట్టీనిమా” – In
            Viswavasu nama samvatsaram,’ i.e. between April 2025 to March 2026, Veera Vasantaraya will be
            Also, (ii) 8th chapter says: ‘ కార్తీక శుద్ధల నాటి ఉద్భవ మయ్యేము. ముందర పుట్టే కార్యాలు’. Meaning, below
            – వేద ఘోషణ లోకాల కెల్ల వినబడీని.
            – పువ్వుల వాన గురిసీని.
            – సముద్రాలు ఉప్పొంగీని, వాద్యాల చప్పుళ్ళు వినబడీని.
            – సూర్యనందిని అయిదు దినాలుండి భూమి మీద ప్రకాశమయ్యీని.

            etc events are ‘ముందర పుట్టే కార్యాలు’ i.e., so called వీరధర్మజులు పుట్టే విశ్వావసులోన కార్తిక మాసము
            ముందర పుట్టే కార్యాలు, i.e., before Nov, 2025. All those events may occur over a period of time ( in a
            week or month or year or some years before nov, 2025, altoghther) before nov, 2025.

            Thus, the occurance of the above events may not be around 2027, but before Nov, 2025.

            (4) “So here mentioned Karthika masam should be related to birth of vasantaraya itself. ”

            A). From the above analysis, yes విశ్వావసులోన కార్తిక మాసము i.e., Nov, 2025 may be taken as Swamy’s birth

            (5) “Never confirm the date. Let’s think more about it.”

            A). No way, dear. I’m not confirming the birth date, rather just doing some analysis to identify. There’s a
            difference between identifying & confirming something. In other way, i may identify multiple probable
            dates of swamy’s birth date, i can in no way confirm more than one amongst.

            Thus, i’m just doing the ground work that can lead to identify the birth. Still, i affirm you that i can’t &
            won’t confirm swamy birth date.

            Again, some more brainstorming exercise for you dear,

            Awaiting your opinions/ reply on above 5 points,


            Rajendra Prasad K

    1. Jubilee =50 . 1969 + 50 = 2019. 2019th is the Jubilee year. Paulaseer Lawrie Muthu Krishna incarnated on first moon landing day. 1969 July 21.

  10. The Gregorian calender we use worldwide does not count it’s 25, 50, 75 or 100th year as Jubilee of a Jewish Calendar.

    1917 Balfour Declaration and Allenby visiting Jerusalem.
    1967 Jerusalem under Israel’s control after war.
    2017 Jerusalem becomes capital.

    The above are Jubilee years according to current events.
    A Jubliee year of Gregorian calendar does not count to know, if prophecies are fullfilled. One will be lost if he follows Gregorian calender and that’s the point of making it mandatory, for wirldwide use.
    Please update the first para of this article if you may find this appropriate. Thank you.

    1. The prophecy said by Nicholas regarding arrival of Jesus in jubilee year is near 1915 AD. So he is right in saying about jubilee year. There is no hidden secret in that. And my advice in understanding any prophecy is just think like a 5 year child. Never think too deeply, that will never give you correct translation. Rather let’s think in plain language but from the point view of prophecy sayer, except with Merlin prophecies.

  11. Before Kalki/ Veerabhogha Vasantaraya/ Bogar comes (all avatars are one and the same), it is said that Lord Brahma will have to do a role and that is to prepare the world for Kalki’s arrival.
    A Kalki temple in Jaipur signifies this, which has the Lord Brahma’s Idol in meditation.

    Like Lord Brahma, a Judeo-Christian prophet namely Elijah is prophesied in Mark 9:11

    Who answering, said to them: Elijah, when he shall come first, shall restore all things; [Mark 9:11]

    Elijah is to come before the Tribulation, Second coming of Jesus (and do the role of John the Baptist as in Jesus’s first appearance) and prepare the world.

    Like wise the same prohpet Elijah is prophesied to come as Imam Mahdi for believers of Islam

    Let the one who understands, draw their own conclusion on this subject.

    Shri Aurbindo’s prophecy about a Mysterious Incarnation.

    “The 24th November 1926 was the descent of Krishna into the physical. Krishna is not the Supramental Light. The descent of whom would mean the descent of the Overmind Godhead preparing though not itself actually, the descent of Supermind and Ananda. Krishna is Anandmaya, he supports the evolution through the overmind leading it towards Anand”.

    Shri Aurbindo had also declared that the Shakti that has manifested itself in a human form would, after its development to its very summit through the sucessive stages of its evolution would appearbefore the people of whole world by the end of the year 1993.

  12. dear all,
    i understand that swami had said to chant his mantra for 12000 mantra and get blessed with darshan. is there any such reference in kalgnyanam ? has anyone attempted to chant it for 12000 times from this blog or anyone else ?

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