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Had keen interest on this subject ‘Kalagnanam’ and has been reading it since from childhood. But never understood the prophecies in the initial stages as of course, falsely guided by wrong books. But the time arrived from Sep’16 when the original book published by Brahmamgarimatam got into my hands. That book gave the real picture which is totally different from many outside publishers. Even the simple minds by interacting with the original book can decode the prophecies even with dates, which is the actual intention of the prophecy-Sayers!! But the mistake of previous researchers is that they restrained themselves with constraints like I suppose Hinduism, India, Castes,Prophets!!

Researching into prophecies of other Religions & Countries starts to give you some rough pictures. Further, it takes a long way to gather all the scattered parts from different places to put into a sequence for a whole prophecy. It all takes a simple mind with curiosity and belief. What gives you the boost all the way in research is “Coincidences”.

“Coincidences” – like Kitab Al-Fitan, a book of Muslim Prophecies speaks of a Satanic Prince who disguises himself as Jesus Christ from Persia shall invade Arabs while the ruling period of Imam Mahdi, an awaited king of Arabians. The same can be understood from Nostradamus Prophecies – C1:Q73, C3:Q64, C5:Q27, C6:Q80. But the same can be understood from Bible Zachary 11:8 – “3 kings getting destroyed in One month”, which in turn coincides with Bible Daniel 7:8. Muslim prophecies on the ruling period of satanic king coincide with Bible Daniel 7:25 – exactly 428 days. And Naimatullah prophecy on the occupation of India by Muslims seems to sink with Sarvajna prophecy of sending of Goddess Durgi to Muslim-lands between Varanasi & Badarika which in turn coincide with Veera Brahmendra Swamy’s the prophecy of war between North and South people and sending of Durgi to muslim lands.

Prophecies, whatever or said by whomever, has some restrains mostly pertaining to the sayer’s Country or Religion. I don’t know why the reason is? But that’s my observation. And my analysis of Prophecy-Sayers is 3 types. One is God, Second is Prophet and third is a Seer. Seers are the one whom we come across in Bible like they get dreams while in sleep or hear something suddenly etc., Prophets are like Nostradamus. They have a gift of prophecy or like knowledge to attain it. But Gods like Veera Brahmendra Swamy, they know the science of attaining vision and they make anybody to attain it too. Not because Veera Brahmendra Swamy said Kalagnanam that I called him God, but because he said Atmagnanam, which is equivalent to Bhagavadh Geetha, that made me consider him as God.

Teja Sitta
Researching in Kalagnanam & Mantra-Sastra.

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