South Indian Prophecies

Some of the Prophecies of Sri Pothuluri Veera Brahmana Swamy and many others from South India:

1. Tears come from the eyes of Lord Mrudeswara.

2. Living beings of River Bhima, was also known as Yadgir, will reveal the coming of Vira Vasantaraya.

3. Near Udayagiri, a flood of nearly 7 men high will swallow indecent people.

4. Between Hampi and Virupakshi places, a great war takes place.

5. In South America, a great earthquake takes place in a city. Only 5 families will survive it.

6. In Rayadurgam, a parrot will speak on coming of Vira Vasantaraya.

7. To a 7-year girl of Payagattu village near Pulivendula, a child is born near sheep shed.

8. 5 monkeys for 7 day & nights without rest will perform a task.

9. After Bandi Atmakur town getting perished, to the east of the hill a new disease will be born.

> Except one river, every river will dry up. That river is Jureru.

10. A comet is seen with the east face and west tail for 33 days. Many strange events happen the while.

11. In Kandukur, Woman becomes Man.

12. Chennuru Village will submerge in water.

13. Nellore area will get submerged into the ocean.

14. In Kamalapuram near Kadapa, Frog will shout like a hen.

15. In Golconda, A Golden Peacock will shout from the hill.

16. In Govindapuram near Golconda, from cow, a man is born. The cows then will stampede the cattle farmers.

17. In Srisailam, Managalsutra of Sri Bramaramba Devi will be broken.

18. In the temple of Sirivella Sarvanarashimha Temple, a Ganga Raavi tree (portia tree) is born.

19. In Mahanandi, two snakes will roam in temple. One is big one and stays on sikaram for 3 days.

20. Cows will be slaughtered in Srisailam, Ahobilam etc., They are fried in Yagna.

21. Blessed people will see Lord Vishnu in Sun and will see human forms in sky. (I will explain it later.)

22. When the moon cannot be seen after on 2nd day of New moon, then it is Yuga Sandhi. It will happen in Marghashira month (Nov-Dec).

23. From Marghashira Suddha Navami to Magha Panchami (Nov to February), 24 Akshounigas of people will perish because of Yuga Sandhi.

24. From 2045 February to 2094 March, Abomination will continue.

25. 2072 to 2095 (between Nandana and Ananda nama samvatsara), Vira Vasantaraya will be famous and victorious.

26. Sky becomes red. Fearful sounds are heard from sky.

27. Nandi statue in front of Brahmaramba Devi will sway his tail. (Actually, there is a lion statue in front of Brahmaramba Devi. So the meaning is different or its may not be in srisailam).

28. Many animals will howl while looking at sky.

29. Fishes from water will come to shore to die.

30. A crocodile comes to hill and stays 8 days. Shouting like goat will disappear at Goddess Brahmaramba Temple.

31. Sesame seeds will vomit muscles. Eagles and crows will come to eat those muscles. People will laugh at looking the scene.

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