Great Deception

And let the wise seek it wisely.

There shall come a Jewish leader who rules over Israel victorious before last exile. And Jews think this leader is their ‘Messiah ben Yossef’.

There shall come true ‘Messiah ben Yossef/Imam Mahdi’ to rule over Jerusalem and kills existing Jewish leader sending Jews into last exile. And Jews think their ‘Messiah ben Yossef’ is killed in the hands of ‘Armilus/Dajjal’ and imagines the true ‘Messiah ben Yossef’ as Armilus/Dajjal/Antichrist.

The true Armilus/ Dajjal/Antichrist arrives to conquer over the Jerusalem, waging war with true ‘Messiah ben Yossef’. And Jews imagine the one who came to wage war against true ‘Messiah ben Yossef’ as Jesus Christ, but who is actually the Antichrist. So all the Jews gathers to support Antichrist.

And then the True Jesus/Messiah ben David returns to kill Antichrist.

Alas! Jews know the truth about Deception, but in vain.

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