Kaliyuga Age

కలియుగము సంవత్సరములు :

Age of Kaliyuga – based on Prophecies from South India:

1. Sri Veera brahmendra swami’s  Govinda vakya No.99 says that

కల్లయుగము అయిదేవేలేండ్ల లోపల కలికి రూపుడు తరలి వచ్చీనిమా
ఎల్ల లోకము లేలుచు చతుర్యుగ సద్ధర్మములు మహి నిలిపేరుమా
Kaliyuga before 5000 years, Kalki avatar will arrive.
Ruling all worlds, establishes mean justice on earth.

means – Kalki avatar (Veera Vasantaraya) will come before completion of 5000 years of kaliyuga. If we base our popular kaliyuga starting year as 3100 B.C. nearly, its already more than 5100 years by 2017 A.D. Then where is the Kalki avatar?

2. In Ninth chapter of Kalagnanam book of Brahmamgari matam, Saint Sarvajna predicted that by Kaliyuga 4794 years, Delhi Muslim kings will be no more. Last King of Delhi died in 1862 A.D. So Kaliyuga started nearly at 2931 B.C.
(1862-4794= -2931 *as there is no zero year between 1 A.D. and 1 B.C).

3. Burckle Crater – this crater is formed due to the impact of asteroid in Indian ocean between Africa and Asia. Due to which Lord Krishna’s Dwaraka city was submerged into Indian Ocean. Scientists date back this asteroid impact nearly to 3000-2800 B.C.

4. May 10, 2907 BC – A Great Solar Eclipse occurred on this particular day. This Solar Eclipse is related with Great floods that submerged Dwaraka city and clashes of Yadava Dynasty.

5. In the Book “Sri Veera Brahmendra swamula vari Tri-Kalagnanam” written Mythili Venkateswara Rao of Rachana Publications –

It was said that Lord Sri Krishna left to Vaikuntam on ‘ఫ్రజోత్పత్తి నామ సంవత్సరం అశ్వీయుజ మాసం బహుల ఏకాదశి ‘ and that moment Kali Yugam started. And Prajjotpathi nama samvatsara associated with solar eclipse, asteroid in Indian ocean, and near to 2900 B.C. is Year 2930 B.C. exactly.

6. Sri Veera Brahmendra swami’s Govinda vakya No.98 reveals as

నాలుగువేల తొమ్మన్నూటడేబ్భై త్తొమ్మిదివత్సరములందు తెలిసీనిమా
వెలుగుచు భర్గునివత్సరమందున వీరయోగి చంద్రుడిచ్చీనిమా
After 4978 years of kaliyuga on earth, shiningly
In year named Bharguni, Veera Vasantaraya will come to us.

If we take year 2930 B.C. year as Kaliyugam starting year, then kali year 4979 is exactly Bharguni nama samvatsara (another name for Shukla nama samvatsara). Kali year 4979 is exactly 2049 A.D. which is exactly Shukla nama samvatsara or also called Bharguni nama samvatsara.

7. In Eleventh chapter of Sri Veera Brahmam Kalagnanam from Brahmamgari Matam –
It was written that
” 4948 కలి సంవత్సరములు మీదట రాబోయే ప్లవంగ నామ సంవత్సరంలో సూర్యబింబం కంకణాకారముగా కనపడును. ఆ ప్లవంగ నామ సంవత్సరంలో సూర్య గ్రహణాలు 2, చంద్ర గ్రహణాలు 3 వచ్చును.”

Meaning – After 4948 years of Kaliyuga, coming Plavanga nama samvatsara will have 2 solar and 3 lunar eclipses.

As it is calculated that Kaliyuga started in year 2930-29 B.C, so exactly after 4948 years it comes to year 2018-19 A.D. Then coming Plavanga nama samvatsara falls in year 2027-28 A.D. which has 2 solar eclipses and 3 lunar eclipses exactly. That’s not a mere coincidence.

So, it can be concluded that Kaliyugam started in year 2930 B.C.

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  1. Yes sriverabramendra swami chepina kalgnanm nutiki nurupalu nijam ,chala visayalu jariginavi ,jaruguthai kuda ,verabramenda swami saksthu daiva swarupud,kavana bramamgari chepina kalagnam ,(rasina,) visayalu and bramamgari visayamulu yavat prajanikaniki teliyacheyali, yavath prajanikam sanmargamlo nadchukuntundi,kavana dhayasesi thapud,visayamulu chepakunda,nijamainatuvanti,bramamgari ,kalgnanm ,pracharam cheyali,,jai vera brama jai govindhamatha

  2. Kalki appears before the “END” of Kali Yuga not 5000 years after start of Kali Yuga. Please get your facts right.

    1. Sir, I’m not talking about kalki avatar. I’m talking about Veera Vasantaraya. Son of Vishnu.
      There’s a difference.

  3. Sir, in above comment u replied that u r not talking about kalki avatar, talking about sree veera bhoga vasantaraya. What is difference between them? Are they both different? But some says that sree veera brahmendra swamy will born as kalki……. Mainly I’m confused about kali yuga period….. Some says kali yuga is 4,32,000 years n 4,27,000 years still has to go for kali yuga end….and in temples also while chanting mantras pandits chant “pradhama padam”. Which is correct?? What is the correct calculation? Like this i have several doubts in my mind if you u can take time to reply me please clear my doubt sir, thank you…..

    1. One way : Veera Vasantaraya is avatar of Dhruva or Jesus. He is regarded as son of God or like Son of Vishnu. Difference is veera vasantaraya is considered equal to kalki avatar. But Kalki avatar arrives at the end of Kaliyuga. Kaliyuga is what i believe is 432000 years. But for first 5000 years, to establish justice Veera Vasantaraya will arrive as per his boon obtained from Vishnu. Along with him comes many gods and kings too. There are many ways in explaining Vasantaraya’s arrival, based on reasons and religions.
      Another way : If I say what is in this world, that is dual. Means when you obtain into a state of oneness, you feel nothing is different from you. It is that same feeling you can understand from many saints. like Veera Brahmendra swamy says “i will take birth as Veera Vasantaraya”. he says he is the avatar of Lord Vishnu. What not. If everything is same, what is different.

      I will simply put it. If you feel there is difference, then there is difference. If you don’t, then there is not.

      Kaliyugam is 432000 years. 4 padas. each padam = 108000 years. its just first 108000 years. in that just 5000 years are running, and 5000 not yet completed. After 5000, there will be “Yuga sandhi” and 1000 years of Kritayugam. After that again slight injustice, then again justice prevails. Many religions say this.

      In temples they start chanting from jambudweepam (india), swetha varaha kalpam (27th kalpa), kaliyugam, pradhama padam and year name, month, day likewise.

      Any more doubts kindly ask me sir. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your reply sir, if kali yuga is 432000 years and we are in first padam then why do some people says world end in 2025? And one(sadguru) says kali yuga ends at 2082? As given in below links Veera bhoga vasantaraya and kalki both are same, but one will appear in first padam to show us the correct direction and the other will appear in last padam of last years of kali yuga. Soul is one but avatar is different. Then why people compare kalki’s birth place to veera bhoga vasantaraya and spread kali yuga is about to end and Then from now itself why people afraid about kali yuga ending? Veera brahmendra swamy in kalagnanam he said only few “talapatras” are accessible the remaining which are under tree will be taken out after my rebirth as vasantaraya. After that as written in talapatras it will be happen for sure…… In one of ur comment u said if vasantaraya didn’t born in 2025 then may bein 2325 he will born…….. Am not soo intelligent to question you, but you itself not clear about the birth year…… Sorry to say soo. https://grahamhancock.com/dmisrab6/. meditation/science-of-yoga/kali-yuga-end-lies-ahead/. amp/s/www.speakingtree.in/allslides/when-will-kali-yuga-end/m-lite.

    1. When you read my website menu “age of kaliyuga”, you will understand that i based my kaliyuga age only on prophecies from south indian saints. They are mainly 3 persons. 1.Veera Brahmendra swamy, 2.Sarvajna, 3.Subbarayachari. These 3 persons prophecies are traceable when we estimate Kaliyuga start at 2930 BC. Iam saying it again that i based kaliyuga start year based on these saints prophecies. You can read details in my site.
      There is no end to anything. Its just revival. How can one say Kaliyuga will end in so and so year.. No. There is no end. In Kaliyuga itself, after 5000 years there will be some 1000 years justice time, after that again unjustice. Like that. Its change of roles. For me if you ask about end of kaliyugam, i will say there will be “Yuga sandhi”. This yugasandhi is many times coined in kalagnanam. And dates which are mentioned in kalagnanam matches before 2062 AD and does not matches after 2080 AD. Dont know why.
      As per astronomical prophecies mentioned by subbarayachari (only), year 2025 has best probability for Vasanataraya birth. Or else until 2325 there is no probability. Its based on only one saint.
      Thank you.

  5. Demonage where the demons rule over divinity. No place for good persons, bad things happen every minute. The only way is to sacrifice our time towards Almighty God I.e Allah. 4,32000 years is a testing time for everyone who is living in this planet.
    The last 1000 years after 2050 is crucial. The world population only one fourth survive on this planet. The remaining persons would be killed by wars, cyclones man made disasters and natural disasters.
    Kayamat or final judgment day process the remaining years would be spent.

    1. Allah will send Imam Mahdi to guide the right ones at times of final days. No matter how hard this demon age tries to contaminate us, our faith in Allah will always protect us. Believe in Allah, and wait for the time. Allah will save the right ones from the Qayamat.
      432000 years is not correct in my opinion. Its by 2080 AD, Mahdi will arrive and around 2110 AD, Dajjal may arrive. The Halley’s comet in 2062 AD should be a sign for Imam Mahdi. Becoz its the Sun that rises in West. I recommend you to read the book Kitab Al-Fitan by Nuaim bin hammad.

  6. Hi, I study Bogar, Gorakkar and KagaPunjandar songs, written by them In Tamil. Am still studying for the past 5 yrs and trying to grasp wat they meant to happen in Kaliyuga and their suggested way to escape from dying miserably in this dark age. From their words, which is very poetic and esoteric, to understand a simple thing is not so easy. But by my Guru Siyag has graced me into his discipleship. Since I come from a guru shishya parampara, I understand the common confusion Abt the precise years in kaliyuga. I myself trying to figure out the years as well.
    My Guru has said that Satya Yuga begins in early 2019 https://youtu.be/a_263DA8xX4

    My seeking to the admin is this, can u pls provide some songs from Kalanyanam, to understand if Veera Brahmamendra Swamy is Bogar himself.. Will be happy if its translated in English too. But one thing I know for sure… Bogar belongs to Vishwakarma just like Veera Brahmendra Swamy.

  7. Hello sir, how are you? After a long time am here again, according to puranas now we are in 51st year of brahma, 27th kalpa, 7th manvantara, 1 manvantara equals to 71 yuga cycles, 1 yuga cycle equals to satya, treta, dwapara, kali yuga respectively, that means to complete 1 manvantara 71 times satya, treta, dwapara and kali yugas, my question is, if this yuga cycle is same from past, present and future there will be no change, then we had completed kaliyuga many times in 6th manvantara to 1st manvantara, then kalki avatar also might taken birth many times in previous(6,5,4,3,2,1) manvantara isn’t it?

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