New Northern Star

New Star predicted before 2024 A.D. Two prophecies worldwide refer this event.

First prophecy is said by Veera Brahmendra swamy, a Hindu saint from South India, that before the birth of Veera Vasantaraya (the promised Prophet-cum-King), there will be a 4-faced star in sky. He also predicted in different prophecy that – a 4-faced star will appear in North Sky on 3 days before New Moon in the month of Karthikam and will shine for 25 years.

Second prophecy is from Sepp Wudy, the farmers hand, Zwiesel, present Germany. What Sepp Wuddy said is “…..outside there will be a celestial sign, which announces the beginning of great mischief. There will be a brightness in the North, like never before seen, and then fire will rise up all around.”

Its already identified that Binary Star – KIC9832227, identified by Astronomer Larry Molnar and his team from Calvin College in Michigan, which is actually two stars orbiting each other and are getting closer together. It could collide with each other in near 2022 or after. This kind of merging is what’s called a Red Nova, and the resulting explosion would cause a 10,000-fold increase in brightness – enough for it to be visible from Earth for some time. The Star will be visible in North wing of Constellation Cygnus.

The red spot in the above image represents the ‘New Star’ position. Exactly at north wing of Cygnus. The Constellation Cygnus is also referred as “Northern Cross” by westerners, as it looks even like a cross. Also this is coincidence with Bible Revelation 12 “woman, child and dragon”. Because when you observe the above star takes birth exactly at the mouth of Constellation Dragon. Revelation says “woman is given wings”. Constellation Cygnus is a bird itself with wings.

The yellow circle in above image represents the new star KIC 9832227. As Revelation 12 says “the woman is covered by sun and moon under her feet”. This phrase may also mean that the star will be born in day time while the moon will be in Taurus, exactly under the feet of Constellation Cygnus. As it is only a mere guess by me regarding Revelation 12, I don’t know what’s the truth.

Also Christians are believing a new star will emerge in Sky while the return of Christ takes place. This is too a coincidence with Hindu prophecies. Anyway astronomers have confirmed about the new star though unaware of exact time.

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