Nostradamus Point-of-View:

Though said in different ways, all prophecy sayers should say the same. That’s the point right.  If saints like Veera Brahmendra swamy, Sarvajna say about Veera Vasantaraya in lot, and if famous Nostradamus doesn’t say a word about Vasantaraya, then whats the point in it. Hence I picked, not like all other, some prophecies of nostradamus which correctly relates to either Indian sub-continent or Veera Vasantaraya.

1. La foy Punicque en Orient rompue
Grand Iud, & Rosne Loyre & Tag changeront:
Quand du mulet la faim sera repue,
Classe espargie, sang & corps nageront.

The Punic faith broken in the East,
Ganges(India), Jordan,(Isreal) Rhone (France,Swizterland),
Loire (France), and Tagus(Spain,Portugal) will change:
When the hunger of the mule will be satiated,
Fleet sprinkles, blood and bodies will swim.

2. De Fez le regne paruiendra à ceux d’Europe,
Feu leur cité & l’anne tranchera.
Le grand d’Asie terre & mer à grand troupe,
Que bleux, peres, croix, à mort dechassera.

From Fez the realm will reach those of Europe,
Their city ablaze and the blade will cut:
The great one of Asia by land and sea with great troop,
So that blues and perses the cross will pursue to death.

3. De l’aquatique triplicité naistra,
D’vn qui fera le Ieudy pour sa feste:
Son bruit, loz, regne, sa puissance croistra,
Par terre & mer aux Oriens tempeste.

From the three water signs will be born
a man who will celbrate Thursday as his holiday.
His renown, praise, rule and power will grow
on land and sea, bringing trouble to the East.

4.L’Oriental sorrira de son siege,
Passer les monts Apennons voir la Gaule:
Transpercera le ciel, les eaux & neige,
Et vn chacun frappera de sa gaule.

The Easterner will leave his seat,
To pass the Apennine mountains to see Gaul:
He will transpire the sky, the waters and the snow,
And everyone will be struck with his rod.

5.Libra verra regner les Hesperies,
De ciel & tenir la monarchie:
D’Asie forces nul ne verra peries,
Que sept ne tiennent par rang la hierarchie.

Libra will see the Hesperias govern,
Holding the monarchy of heaven and earth:
No one will see the forces of Asia perished,
Only seven hold the hierarchy in order.

6.Mars & le scepte se trouuera conioinct,
Dessoubs Cancer calamiteuse guerre:
Vn peu apres sera nouueau Roy oingt,
Qui par long temps pacifiera la terre.

Mars and the sceptre will be found conjoined
Under Cancer calamitous war:
Shortly afterwards a new King will be anounted,
One who for a long time will pacify the earth.

7.Tant attendu ne reuiendra iamais,
Dedans l’Europe en Asie apparoistra:
Vn de la ligue yssu du grand Hermes,
Et sur tous Roys des Orients croistra.

Long awaited he will never return In Europe,
he will appear in Asia:
One of the league issued from the great Hermes,
And he will grow over all the Kings of the East.

8.Religion du nom de mers vanicra,
Contre la secte fils Adaluncatif,
Secte obstinee deploree craindra
Des deux blessez par Aleph & Aleph.

The Religion of the name of the seas will win out
Against the sect of the son of “Adaluncatif”:
The stubborn, lamented sect will be afraid
Of the two wounded by A and A.

9.Le tremblement si fort au mois de may,
Saturne, Caper, Iupiter, Mercure au boeuf:
Venus aussi, Cancer, Mars, en Nonnay,
Tombera gresle lors plus grosse qu’vn oeuf.

A very mighty trembling in the month of May,
Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus:
Venus also, Cancer, Mars in Virgo,
Hail will fall larger than an egg.

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