Little Confession:
I translated the Nostradamus Quatrains from original French to English by my own, without copying from any other translations. That made me understand some blunder things which are made by previous translators. Hence in this post, I assure you of correct translations. But regarding the explanations, my Intuition and Knowledge has been infiltrated into it. Hence translation is correct, but explanation is infiltrated. I said it because I don’t want any sin on my hands. Proceed as you like it.

Century 10: Quatrain 72

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d’effrayeur:
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur.

 Year 1999, Seven months
In the sky comes a Great King of Terror:
To bring back to life – the Great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars reigns happily

This prophecy refers to Comet Halley which is going to re-visit in 2061. This comet is also a sign in Islam regarding return of their Mahdi, promised King of Muslims. Hence Nostradamus compared Mahdi to King of Mongols, Genghis Khan. Of course Genghis Khan also has a bond with a Comet, which changed his destiny to invade West as the comet suggested. Another reason why Nostradamus compared them may be, Both the Future Mahdi and Genghis Khan will rule one of the largest empires in History. He also said “Before and after Mars reigns happily”, because before Halley appears, World War 3 (2058-59) will end and after its appear World War 4 will begin. So Nostradamus referring the Wars with Mars.

Century 5: Quatrain 74

De sang Troyen naistra coeur, Germanique
Qui deuiendra en si haute puissance:
Hors chassera estrange Arabique,
Tournant l’Eglise en pristine preeminence.

Of Trojan blood, will be born a German heart
and will rise to very high power:
He will chase the strange Arabians,
Returning the Church to its previous glory.

This prophecy refers to Chiren, who borne among the royal bloodline of French Bourbon lineage, but emerges from Germany.  He emerges exactly at end of World War 3 and fights against the Allied arms of Russians and Turks. He will restore church glory, because as of his time church would have lost its Pope and Vatican City. But he shall restore the papacy to new place with New Pope.
But what is unclear is the word “Arabians”. Because its the Turks who fight against the Germans. Nostradamus word “Arabique” clears another Islamic prophecy. As per Kitab Al-Fitan, The World War 4 begins exactly at the end of World War 3 when Christians soldiers and Muslim soldiers on same side fights over the credit of victory of WW3. Christians gives the credit of victory to Jesus and Muslims gives credit of victory to Allah. Immediately both sides will fall back and Christians will kill those allied Muslims. This happens in a place somewhere Rhine, Germany. So Nostradamus is clear in word “Arabs”.

Century 6: Quatrain 44

De nuict par Nantes L’Iris apparoistra,
Des arts marins susciteront la pluye:
Arabique goulfre, grande classe parfondra,
Un monstre en Saxe naistra d’ours & truye.

By night at Nantes, the rainbow appears,
By arts marines, they will stir up rain:
In Arabic gulf, great fleet plunges to bottom,
A monster, in Saxony, born to a bear and a sow.

This prophecy is refers many events which happens simultaneously. First is a ‘Rainbow at Night in City Nantes of West France’. Second is a ‘Rain stirred by Marines new technology’. Third is a ‘Huge Fleet plunging in area of Arabian Gulf’. Fourth is a ‘Monster born to a Bear and Female pig’. Meaning is clear. While Western France is facing such a strange climate like rainbow appearance at nights, a new technology which can stir rains in midst of Seas is developed and at the same time, the Syrian King’s army sent to kill Mahdi will plunge to Bottom in midst of a desert in Arabia, while all these are happening a devilish man is born in Saxony, East Germany to a Bear and Female Pig (allegorically).

Century 1: Quatrain 73

France à cinq pars par neglect assaillie,
Tunys, Argal esmeuz par Persiens:
Leon, Seuille, Barcellonne faillie,
N’aura la classe par les Venitiens.

France shall be attacked, neglected by five partners.
Tunis, Algiers stirred by Persians:
Leon, Seville, Barcelona failed,
Situation will not have fleet, by the Venetians.

From Iran (Persia) shall come an attack. France will attacked because of no foreign support. Tunisia and Algeria will face loss in that war. Spain too will fail for counter attack. The whole War will loss Naval fleet because of Italians especially at Venice. What we can understand is “France, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria and Iran will be under a War.”

Century 3: Quatrain 64

Le chef de Perse remplira grande Olchade,
Classe Trireme contre gent Mahometique:
De Parthe, & Mede, & piller les Cyclades.
Repos long temps au grand port Ionique.

Chief of Persia fills great Olchades,
Trireme fleet against people of Mahommedans:
From Parthia, and Media and pillars of Cyclades:
Rests long time at Great Ionian port.

A Iran (Persian) leader will occupy East and South Spain (Olchades), later he will make arrange a great fleet of Ships against Muslims (Mohammedans). The fleet comprises of Irans and part of Greeks. And they shall gather the fleet in an important port of Ionian Sea.
This quatrain by Nostradamus meets exactly with Nu’yam bin Hammad Kitab Al-Fitan prophecy that “From Andalusia (part of Spain) a King comes with 70,000 ships and lands between Palestine and Egypt. And woe to the Arabs because of them.”

Century 5: Quatrain 27

Par feu & armes non loing de la mar negro,
Viendra de Perse occuper Trebisonde:
Trembler Pharos Methelin, Sol alegro,
De sang Arabe d’Adrio couvert onde.

By fire and arms, not long from Sea Black,
Will come of Persia, to occupy Trebizond:
Trembles Pharos & Mytilene. Sun cheerful,
Of Arab Blood, Adriatic waves covered.

With war, starting near to Black sea, a Iran (Persian) leader comes and occupies a part of North-East Turkey (Trebizond). In this War, Greek Islands (Pharos) and West Turkey (Mytilene) will face destruction. June – August months will see this war, as Sun will be cheerful at that time. Arabs will be killed hugely near Italy and Rome as the Adriatic sea will be filled with their blood.

Century 4: Quatrain 34

Le grand mené captif d’estrange terre,
D’or enchainé au Roy Chyren offert:
Qui dans Ausone, Milan perdra la guerre,
Et tout son ost mis à feu & à fer.

Great Leader captured, from foreign land,
Chained  gold, to King Chyren offered:
Who in Ausonia, Milan will lose war,
And whole his army put by fire and by sword.

A foreigner Leader (not from Europe, especially not from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greek and surrounding countries) will invade Italy from South, will lose wars at Ausonia (South Italy) and Milan (North Italy). Later He will be captured by German army and offered to King Chyren (Emperor of greater Germany). But his whole army will be put to death by Sword and Fire, leaving only him. I guess its part of WW3.

Century 5: Quatrain 55

De la Felice Arabie contrade,
N’aistra puissant de loy Mahometique:
Vexer l’Espagne, conquester la Grenade,
Et plus par mer à la gent Lygustique.

Of the good in Arabia country,
Will be born powerful in law Mahomeddan:
Vexes Spain, Conquers Grenada,
And more by sea to the Ligurian people.

A lucky Leader born into Islamic religion, from Arabia will conquer the Granada (North Spain) and Vexes Spain. Majorly by Sea, he shall conquer the Ligurian nations (South Europe). Guess – It may be Mahdi.

Century 3 : Quatrain 86

Un chef d’Ausonne aux Espaignes ira
Par mer fera arrest dedans Marseille:
Avant sa mort vn long temps languira
Apres sa mort on verra grand merveille.

A chief of Ausonia, to Spain will
By sea, will make stop inside Marseilles:
Before death, one long time to grow weak:
After death, some will see great marvels.

A chief of Italy (Ausonia) will go to Spain by sea and will make a long stop at Southern French port, Marseilles before his death and grows weak there. After his death, some see great wonders happen.

Century 10 : Quatrain 95

Dans les Espaignes viendra Roy trespuissant,
Par mer & terre subjugant or midi:
Ce ma fera rabaissant le croissant,
Baisser les aisles à ceux du Vendredi.

In the Spain, will come King very powerful,
By land and sea, subjugating gold midday:
That will make degrade the crescent,
Lower the aisles to those of Friday.

Century 8: Quatrain 77

L’antechrist trois bien tost anniehilez,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre.
Les heretiques mortz, captifs, exilez.
Sang corps humain eau rougi gresler terre.

The antichrist three spreads annihilates well,
twenty and seven years, blood will lasts her war.
The religious are dead, captive, exiled;
blood dead bodies of humans, water and pale hail covers earth.

Century 9: Quatrain 73

Dans Foix entrez Roy celulee Turban:
Et regnera moins revolu Saturne,
Roy Turban blanc Bizance coeur ban,
Sol, Mars, Mercure pres la hurne.

In Foix enters King ‘Blue’ Turban,
And will reign less revolution of Saturn:
King Turban White Byzantium heart banish,
Sun, Mars, Mercury near the Aquarius.

Foix – South France, Byzantium – Turkey.

Century 1: Quatrain 28

La tour de Boucq craindra fuste Barbare
Un temps, long temps apres barque hesperique:
Bestail, gens, meubles tous deux ferônt grând tare,
Taurus & Libra quelle mortelle picque?

Tower of Boucq will fear the foist barbarians a time.
Long time after, small boats Western side.
Livestock, people, possessions, both will loss.
Taurus & Libra, what a deadly weapon war?

Boucq is in North-East of France.

Century 1: Quatrain 46

Tout aupres d’Aux, de Lestore & Mirande,
Grand feu du ciel en trois nuits tombera:
Cause adviendra bien stupende & mirande,
Bien peu apres la terre tremblera.

All around Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
Big fire from the sky in three nights will fall.
Cause will happen both stupendous and Miracle;
Very soon after, earth will tremble.

Auch, Lectoure and Mirande are three places in South West France and to the West of Toulouse, in distance of nearly 30 kms around each other. A fire from Sky is spoken here. ?? The cause of this fire is Miracle and stupidity. But soon after fall of this fire for 3 nights, there shall be an Earthquake.

 Century 2: Quatrain 18

Apres la pluie laict asses longuette,
En plusieurs lieux de Reims le ciel touché:
O quel conflict de sang pres d’eux s’apprester,
Peres & fils Roys n’oseront approcher.

After the rain will milk enough long,
In several places of Reims the sky touched:
O What a conflict of blood near them is being prepared,
Fathers & Son Kings will not dare approach.

Milky rain is nothing but Muddy rains. Reims is in North-Eastern France.

Century 10: Quatrain 75

Tant attendu ne reviendra jamais,
Dedans l’Europe, en Asie apparoistra:
Un de la ligue issu du grand Hermes,
Et sur tous Rois des Orientz croistra.

Long awaited will never come back
Inside Europe, In Asia appears:
One of the league from the Great Hermes,
And on all Kings of East will grow.

Hermes is Half brother of Sun God, Apollo and son of King of Gods, Zeus. Literally representing Sun Dynasty and Son of God.

Century 6: Quatrain 80

De Fez le regne parviendra à ceux d’Europe,
Feu leur cité, & lame tranchera.
Le grand d’Asie terre & mer à grand troupe,
Que bleux, perse, croix, à mort dechassera.

Of Fez hat, will succeed to those of Europe, the reign
of blazing the city & the sword cuts:
The Great one of Asian land & sea of Great troop,
to that blues, Persians, cross will lose to death.

Century 2: Quatrain 4

Depuis Monech jusqu’au pres de Sicile
Toute la plage demourra desolee,
Il n’y aura faubourgs, Cité,  ne Ville
Que par Barbare pillee & vollee.

From Monaco until near the Sicily
All the beach will remain desolate:
There will remain there no suburb, city or town
That by barbarian looting & stealing.

Century 6: Quatrain 27:

Dedans les Isles de cinq fleuves à un
Par le croissant du grand Chyren Selin
Par les bruines de l’air fureur de l’un,
Six efchapez; cachez fardeaux de lin.

Inside the Isles of five rivers has one
through the raising of great Chyren Selin.

By those drizzles of air fury from one,

Six escapes; hidden in bundles of flax.

Century 6: Quatrain 70:

Au chef du monde le grand Chyren sera,
Plus outre aprèz aimé, craint,redouté :
Son bruit & loz les cieux surpassera,
Et du seul titre victeur fort contenté.

The chief of the world the great Chyren will be,
more after loved, feared, dreaded:
His name in the heavens will surpass,
And the only victorious title very satisfied.

Century 8: Quatrain 54:

Soubz la couleur du traicte mariage,
Fait magnanime par grand Chyren sélin,
Quintin, Arras recouvrez au voiage
D’espagnols fait sécond banc macelin.

Much under the color of the marriage treaty,
made magnanimous by great Chyren selin.
Quintin, Arras regained on voyage.
Spaniards does latter, butchering bank.

Century 9: Quatrain 41:

Le grand Chyren soy saisir d’Avignon,
De Rome lettres en miel plein d’amertume,
Lettre ambassade partir de Chanignon,
Carpentras pris par duc noir rouge plume.

The great Chyren seize ‘Avignon’.
From Rome, honey letters full of bitterness.
Embassy letter goes from ‘Chanignon’.
‘Carpentras’ taken by Duke’s dark red pen.

Century 5: Quatrain 54:

Du pont Exine, & la grand Tartarie,
Un Roi sera qui viendra voir la Gaule,
Transpercera Alane & l’Arménie,
Et dans Bizance lairra sanglante Gaule.

From the bridge Exine, and Great Tartary:
A King will be:: Who will come to see Gaul.
Pierces through Albania, Armenia
and in Byzantium: Will abandon bloody Gaul.

Exine Bridge – ?. Tartary – Great tract of northern and central Asia stretching from the Caspian Sea and the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Gaul – Present day France, Luxembourg, Belgium, most of Switzerland, Northern Italy, as well as the parts of the Netherlands and Germany on the west bank of the Rhine. Albania and Armenia are two countries towards east and west of Present day Turkey alias Byzantium.

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