అమావాస్యనాడు చంద్రోదయం

Total Solar Eclipse August 02, 2027 has a prominent importance in End times. One South Indian prophecy and another Austrian prophecy explains the same eclipse.

South Indian Prophecy :

In the 11th chapter of Kalagnanam Book, Yogi Subbaraya has said astrological prophecies about Veera Vasantaraya. Among those prophecies, he mentioned that  Total Solar Eclipse on August 02, 2027 is going to happen marking the Birth of Veera Vasantaraya. And this Eclipse is so unique that you will see a Stars in Mid-Day and Lord Vishnu image in Moon(allegorically) . Also that within 15 days of this eclipse, he has predicted an event will happen that which will be like a flower rain on Good beings.

The original predictions are:
గజవేదనవాంభోధీ కలివర్షగతే భువిః
ప్లవంగాబ్దే భానుబింబం కంకణాకార ముచ్యతే.
ప్లవంగే ద్విత్రిగ్రహణాః సూర్యాచంద్రమసో క్రమాత్
ఇమే పంచగ్రహణాశ్చ కృష్ణవేణ్యాశ్చ దక్షిణే.
యమే సూర్య గ్రహే కించిత్ దృశ్యాదృశ్యో భవే త్తతః
యమే చతుస్యా గ్రహణాం కృష్ణవేణ్యా ముదగ్దిశి.
జనానాం సర్వదేశానాం సంఙ్ఞార్థం గురుమహే వయమ్
అయ మాదిత్యమధ్యే తు సవ్యస్యం కంకణాకృతిః
సేతు వేషార్థయో ర్మధ్యే కాశీ శ్రీరంగదేశయోః
భిన్న కంకణరూపస్యాం కుంభకోణే రవే ర్వపుః
గౌతమీ నర్మదా మధ్యే భిన్నకంకణ ముచ్యతి
తస్యా ఉదీచిదిగ్భాగే కాశీ వింధ్యాద్రయో రపి
అస్మిన్ శ్రీశైలదేశే తు కంకణాకార ముచ్యతి
శేషాద్రి గౌతమీ మధ్యే ఉదయో దివి దృశ్యతి.
ప్లవంగే పంచగ్రహణే సూర్యాస్తు వలయాకృతిః
తన్మధ్యే విష్ణురూపస్యాత్ తద్భక్తానాం ప్రియావపమ్
శ్రుతి పీతా భాస్వత్యణూపమా
ఏషౌమాపౌర్ణ మధ్యే వం లోకే ఖ్యాతి గమిష్యతి
తథా తు పుష్పవృష్టి స్యా ద్వహం తు పుణ్య జంతుషు.
ఛాదయే దర్క ఇందు స్యాత్ శీతాంశుబింబవలయం స్యాత్
ఇదం రహస్యం తద్రూపం దృష్ట్యా వీరోదయం భువి
యూయ మిత్యేవ పుణ్యాత్మా ఙ్ఞాత్వా శ్రీవీరధర్మజా.
ఇతి దైవఙ్ఞ విరచితే వీరధర్మజ చరిత్రే ప్రథమాధ్యాయః

From the above Sanskrit verses, we can conclude that  –

  • After 4948 years of Kaliyuga, in the coming Plavanga nama samvatsaram, there will be a solar eclipse which is visible as ‘Ring of Fire’.
  • In the same year there are 2 solar eclipses and 3 lunar eclipses (04/2027 to 03/2028).
  • On this Solar Eclipse, blessed can see Lord Vishnu’s image in Moon.
  • Also there shall be a Dawn of stars on this day.
  • Between Eclipse day and next Full Moon, Rain of flowers will fall on virtuous beings.
  • And this eclipse and rain will be a sign to all people about the birth of Veera Vasantaraya.

This eclipse on August 02, 2027 is God’s sign for Tribulation.

Austrian prophecy by Gottfried von Werdenberg (1994):

“There will be a cosmic event most definitely before WORLD WAR III . It will be a beautiful summer’s day in Austria; no cloud to be seen in the sky. People in the village are excited; they look towards the sun which begins to darken. It is approximately 10 o’clock normal time, not summer time. Whilst the sun is getting darker, dusk is covering the earth. It is not the usual solar eclipse but a kind of fog in the universe far outside of our atmosphere. The sky is getting darker: At first there are only a few stars, then more and more appear. One is able to see them at first in the west, then in the north. There are no stars in the east and in the south where the sun was last seen. There is no moon. It is a normal clear sky illuminated by the light of the stars. One is still able to identify the ground, but one cannot read any writing. Suddenly the stars disappear. Complete darkness is covering the earth. A few minutes pass; now it is getting brighter. One is able to see the surrounding area. There is no sun. Billions of white dots can be observed in the East. It is like a rain of glowing fire moving from East -North East to West -South West very quickly. It is hitting the ground like a heavy fall of hail. The glow turns from white to yellow then to glowing red before hitting the ground. They fall in distances of 50m (165 ft) to 100m (330 ft) apart; they make no noise. When they hit the ground they look like dust particles or grains of sand. Some are as big as a child’s fist. The villagers do not seek cover; they do not appear to be afraid. The time between the sighting of the particles in the North East and their hitting the ground is a matter of seconds, maximum a minute or so. Once the particles hit the ground, it becomes bright again. A fierce storm begins to blow now from the East and creates fire; it drives before it the fierce fire. The grass is burning; forests are burning; fields are burning; barns, sheds, and farm buildings are on fire; houses and factories are burning, too. The sun will not shine again on this day.The cause of the rain of glowing fire might be a comet, directly or indirectly responsible for it. The seer is unable to tell. The time of the year is the summer, probably the first half of August. The year is not given but it could be any year from 1995 onwards.”

From above prophecy we can conclude that –

  • In Austria on a Total Solar eclipse day,
  • That is in summer (June – August end) at morning 10’o clock,
  • Complete darkness and Stars will appear.
  • A kind of fog from outside atmosphere mentioned as Rain of Glowing fire will fall from East-North East.
  • Villagers are not afraid of this, instead they are enjoying.
  • The glowing fire dots make no noise.
  • A fierce storm begins to blow now from the East and drives before it the fierce fire, burning everything.
  • Sun will not shine again on this day – refers Huge smoke becoz of burning.
  • Cause for rain of glowing fire may be directly or indirectly a comet. (Asteriod 1999 AN10, fly by Near Earth on August 07, 2027 at a distance closer than Moon.)

Another Austrian prophecy by a Seer of Waldviertel :

“The stars are falling like leafs, this is related to an event to which I don’t exactly know the cause, which can however be described after experiencing it oneself like this: I stood in pleasant weather (summer) in Krems (Town in Austria) with several people, some of who I recognized. We watched the sky in anticipation. The sun seemed to darken itself (a total eclipse or simply sunset?). Everyone believed they would see the stars. At the same time this occurred, there appeared a glow on the Eastern horizon – like a million incandescent search lights – that at first looked yellowish, then turned red. Where it appeared, almost everything flammable burned. In the sequence of incineration: grain, the forest, grass and many houses. We forgot whatever we could. Afterwards I looked around myself: I climbed up as far as I was able to see and observed only smoke.”

This prophecy nearly coincides with the above prophecy. Eclipse, Sun darkened, Stars seen, Glow in east, Yellow to Red, Burning everything, Smoke and most coincidence is Summer time i.e, June to August.

I see all the above three prophecies say the same things, but we cant understand the hidden meaning. I feel there is something to Aug 02, 2027 eclipse than normal one. This is an eclipse pre-determined by God himself.

Path of Eclipse on 02 August 2027.

And for a kind information – This eclipse is a Total solar eclipse on Jerusalem happening exactly at Mid-noon time. Remember the words from Bible – “Thy shall make to go down the Sun at noon, and there shall be no Moon. Stars shall fall and Earth shall trouble.”

To watch the eclipse graphically, visit Solar_eclipse_of_August_2,_2027

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