Timeline of Vasantaraya

  1. Exactly after 4948 kali years (i.e. 2018-19 A.D.), in the year named Plavanga nama samvatsara (2027-28 A.D.) there shall be great total solar eclipse which will be seen in ring form.
  2. In the Plavanga nama samvatsara (from Apr/2027 to Mar/2028), there will be 2 Solar eclipses and 3 Lunar eclipses. All these 5 eclipses will be visible to the south of Krishnaveni and one of the Solar eclipse will be visible also to north of Krishnaveni briskly.
  3. On that great total solar eclipse day of that year ( on 02 august 2027), during the eclipse Sun will be near to Venus in one part. ‘Swathi’ and ‘Chitta’ nakshatras will be to the both sides of sun in other part.
  4. On that day, there will be dawning of stars-” Nakshatra Vudayam”(means ‘Dawning of Stars’), because of total solar eclipse.
  5. On that Eclipse day, Blessed people shall see Lord Vishnu in the form of Sun as ” Shruthi peetha Bhaskartyanupama”.
  6. Moon will totally enter into the sun, thus one can see full moon in the day time though it is a New moon day. This is referred to as “Amavasya naadu Chandrodayamaguta” (Rise of moon on new moon day) by Sri Veera brahmendra swamy and others.
  7. By that time of occurence of solar eclipse, Veera Dharmaja (another name for Veera Vasantaraya) had been born.
  8. After 8 years from Plavanga nama samvatsara (2027-28 A.D.), Jupiter planet will transit three signs a year(i.e. through retrograde motions) from starting with Taurus.(i.e. From 14/Apr/2036).********* Generally jupiter planet transits one zodiac sign per year ********
  9. Starting from Cancer sign, Jupiter transits 1 sign per year. After that, it shall transits hurriedly among other signs. Because of this sort of unusual motion of jupiter planet, Rulers of that period will have fear in their heart.
  10. When Jupiter enters Virgo (from 03/Novem/2039), Veera Vasantaraya’s journey shall start.
  11. When Jupiter enters Libra (from 03/Dec/2040), Comet or asteriod  shall be seen.(it might be asteriod 2011AG5)
  12. When Jupiter enters Vrishchika (Scorpio) i.e. 01/Jan/2042, there shall be more yield in crop and food production. Due to which people consume more food to become more lazy and vulnerable to more diseases.
  13. When Jupiter enters Dhanush (Saggitarius) i.e. 27/Jan/2043, Veera Vasantaraya starts “Dhusta shiksana, Sista rakshana” (means Punishing of Bad and Saving of Good).
  14. When Jupiter enters Makara (Capricorn) i.e. 15/Feb/2044, Veera Vasantaraya along with all elements of armies will reach Srisailam from banks of Pinakini River.
  15. When Jupiter enters Kumbha (Aquaruis) i.e. 01/Mar/2045, by the will of Lord Srisailam Mallikarjuna Swamy, Veera Vasantaraya will be ruling from Kedarnath (Uttarakhand) to Rameshwaram (TamilNadu) solely.
  16. When Jupiter enters Meenam (Pisces) i.e. 12/Mar/2046, Crowning of Veera Vasantaraya.
  17. When Saturn enters Meenam i.e. 14/May/2054, Mlechhas shall perish.
  18. When Saturn enters Aries i.e. 06/Apr/2057, World will get a little peace.
  19. When Saturn enters Vrushaba (Taurus) i.e.27.05.2059, Poisonous gas will come from North-East, which will kill huge many people.
  20. When Saturn enters Mithunam (Gemini) i.e. 10/July/2061, Earth burden shall perish.
  21. In the years between Ananda nama samvatsara(Apr/2094) & Rakshasa nama samvatsara(Mar/2097), Kali dharma shall come to end.
  22. When Ananda samvatsara (April 2094) begins, Judgement day begins and Lord Yama shall be coming with his yama dhootas. People will perish by “Bhetala pampulu”.

These are the verses of Shri Yadathore Subbaraya Sharma. The original texts are available in this site under Prophecy Sayers menu and Y Subbaraya Sharma para.

{ For details of motions of Jupiter click below – http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Gochara_Guru/Guru_gochara_transits_table.htm}

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