Arrival of Veera Vasantaraya

Arrival of Veera Vasantaraya:

As said by Sarvajna – After the age of 11, Veera Vasantaraya will start coming to outside world. Along with other vaishnava associates, he shall visit Srirangam Temple and other temples for five nights & days. After that they shall come to Srisailam, through Eastern gate from Tripurantakam Temple. Before praying to Srisaila Mallikarjuna Lingam, he goes to take bath in Pathala Ganga River (river beside Srisailam). At that moment, there will be  many Veerashaivaites and Shiva devotees doing Japa and Pooja to Lord Shiva. On seeing those Shiva devotees, Vaishnavas will comment on them saying “this water Ganga is born from the foot of Lord Vishnu and you Shaivaites are doing Shiva Poojas and Japas in it“. By this statement, those Shaivaites will ask “on what basis can you tell that Ganga (water) is Vishnu Padodakam (born from foot of Sri Vishnu)“. All these discussions are being heard by Vasantaraya. Vaishnavas will debate saying “we shall evaporate this water at once in the name of Sri Maha Vishnu“. Shaivaites says “if not what are you going to do“. Vaishnavas says “we shall remove our Vaishnavas symbols and will wear Vibhudi and will worship Lord Shiva“. Thus on hearing this Shaivaites will go for the bet. Then one of the Vaishnavas by wearing Vishnunamam will enter into the Pathala Ganga water chanting  Vishnu Mantram. But there will be no result. Then Vaishnavas will say “so you Shaivaites prove us that Pathala Ganga is Shivodakam“. On hearing this, one of the Shaivaites wearing Vibhudi and hymning Shiva Mantram will step his foot into the water.

At once, water shall evaporate at his foot. On seeing this Vaishanavas will run from there feeling ashamed. Chandragupta Maharaja, who has been cursed to be as green stone in Patala Ganga water, by touching of sun rays on him will get rid of his curse. Veera Vasantaraya, who is watching all this will calm all the devotees and will convert those Vaishnavas into Shaivaites in the Mukamandapam of Srisailam.

Lord Mallikarjuna of Srisailam feeling happy for the work of Vasantaraya, will appear and bless Vasantaraya with boon of 1000 years Kingship. By the time, many avatars awaiting for Vasantaraya will reach him. Nearly 3 crores of people will reach Vasantaraya. Many Brahmins will reach Vasantaraya. With these people, Vasantaraya will go North-West to Vidyanagara city. There he will take out the throne of Vijayanagara Empire. Vasantaraya will go to Virupaksheswara Temple and offer his prayers. Lord Virupaksheswara pleased by his prayers, will bless a boon with Kingship of Vijayanagara Empire to Veera Vasantaraya for 1000 years. From the moment and hence, Veera Vasantaraya shall rule the 14 worlds for 108 years and his lineage for 1000 years nearly in the manner of Krutayuga Dharma.

The timeline of this situation is mentioned by Sarvajna as after 11 years age of Vasantaraya. As Viswavasu nama samvatsaram is birth year of Vasantaraya. Thus putting His arrival at Srisailam after 2036 A.D.

Regarding this debate scene, the same is also said by Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy in his Govinda Vakya no.74 -“హేమాద్రి రజతాద్రి తర్కవాదము వల్ల రామధర్మజులు వచ్చేరుమా”. Meaning – Because of logical debate between Hemadris (Vaishnavas) and Rajatadris (Shaivaites), Rama Dharmaja (Vasantaraya) will emerge.

Another point mentioning this situation is – Yogi Subbaraya predicted that “When Jupiter enters Virgo i.e. 3rd November 2039 – Vasantaraya will start his mission”. As Sarvajna says many good people and Brahmins will come to Vasantaraya and they shall go north-west to Vidyanagara. This may be the start of Vasantaraya’s mission.

Another is Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy’s Govinda Vakya no.73. It says “కన్యలోన శని ప్రవేశమైతేను  కమలనాభుడు  పయనమయ్యీనిమా”- When Saturn enters Kanya (Virgo), Kamalanabhudu (Lord Vishnu) will start journey. One of the times, Saturn enters Jupiter is from 22nd October 2038.

Based on all of the above records, thy can come to conclusion that this debate scene and arrival  of Vasantaraya may happen after 2036 A.D and before 2040 A.D.

Physical features of Veera Vasantaraya :

Sarvajna said that – Veera Vasantaraya will look like a saint. He will be wearing ‘Kavi’ clothes, and having ‘Kamandalam'(Rod or Sceptre) in hand. He will wear ‘Vibhudhi Tilakam’ on his forehead. He is fond of Samavedam hymings. Vasanataraya will have 32 signs on his body since birth, which indicates an Universal King or Universal Prophet.

Quran depicts Vasantaraya as a medium height man. He hair will look like falling water (Jatadhari). He will be 80-85 years when he descends near Damascus Mosque to kill Antichrist. It also says he will live long span of nearly 120-125 years.Bible said a few things about Christ Second return. That are – He will have a name on his forehead, that is the name of God. He will have a Rod (Scepter) in his hand with which he will rule the whole world.

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