Veera Vasantaraya

I here explain about the Vasantaraya in words of Saint Sarvajna:

                ” After the death of Aliya Rama Raya, to the total fall of Vijayanagara Empire by 1610 A.D. People will forget the devotion towards Lord Shiva. Stories shall come up like Lord Shiva is God for Asuras. Everyone forgets to wear shiva lingam with them. No one follows Niyamas and Nistas. Around Kaliyears 4794, Rulers of Delhi are destroyed. After that there shall come a great soul from the caste of “Viswa Brahamana”. He shall show Shiva’s path to many people. Vibhudhi, Panchakshari Shiva poojas and Rudrakshas will become rare. Vaishnavism will propogate everywhere. Shaivaites will be 1 out of 100, thats it. Diseases will spread more. Kasi people will get troubles. ‘Shiva Bhakthi’ will become rare. Untill the coming of Vira Vasantaraya and Chenna Basavanna, people will suffer extremely.

                 Veera Vasantaraya will look like a saint. He will be wearing ‘Kavi’ clothes like Puttaparthi Sai baba, and having ‘Kamandalam'( ‘sceptre’ as said by Nostradamus) in hand. He will wear ‘Vibhudhi Tilakam’ on his forehead. He is fond of Sama-veda hymings. Vasanataraya will be wearing 32 signs or 32 haras with him. At the age of 11, Vira Vasantarya will come to outside world. Along with other vaishnavas, he shall visit Srirangas for  nights. After that they shall come to Srisailam, Eastern gate from Tripurantakam. Before looking at Shiva linga in srisailam, he goes to take bath in water. At that time, there are many Veera shaivas, shiva bhakthas doing japa and pooja to Lord shiva. On seeing those shiva bhakthas, Vaishnavas will comment on them like this water is born from the foot of Lord Vishnu and you are doing Shiva Poojas and Japas in it. By this statement, Shaivaites shall say on what basis can you tell that ganga is Vishnu padodakam. All these discussions are being heard by Vasantaraya.

               Vaishnavas shall say, we shall evaporate this water at once. Shaivaites says if not what are you going to do. Vaishnavas says, we shall remove our Vaishnavas symbols and will wear Vidhudi and will worship lord Shiva. Thus on hearing this Shaivas will go for the bet. Then Vaishnavas, one of them by wearing Vishnu namas will enter into the water hyming vishnu mantra. But there will be no result. Then vaishnavas will say, so you shaivates prove that ganga is Shiva padodakam. On hearing this, one of the shaivates on wearing vidhudi and hyming Shiva Mantra will step into the water. At once, water shall evaporate at his feet. On seeing this Vaishanavas will run from there.

“Pacha banda la padivunna Chandragupta maharaju, surya kiranalu sooki lechi vachenu” – Chandragupta Maharaja, cursed to be as green stone in Patala ganga, by touching of sun rays on him will get rid of his curse.

“Patalamu looni neelu inkunu” – Water will evapourate from earth.

“Patalamu nundi mantalu egaseni” – Fire shall come out of earth.

Vira Vasantaraya, who is watching all this will calm all the devotees and will convert the vaishnavas into shaivates. Lord Mallikarjuna of Srisailam will give boon of 1000 years King-ship to Vira Vasantaraya. By the time, Chenna Basavanna will come to Vasantaraya. And nearly 3 crores of good people will reach Vasantaraya. Many Brahmins will reach Vasantaraya. Along with these people, Vasantaraya will go by North-West to Vidyanagara city. There he will take out the throne of Vijayanagara Empire. Vasantaraya will go to Virupaksha and prays Virupaksheswara. Lord Virupaksheswara will give boon of king-ship to Vasantaraya for 1000 years. From that time, Veera Vasantaraya shall rule the india for 95 years and his lineage for 1000 more years in the manner of Kruta-Yuga dharma.”

The same is also said by Sri Veera Brahmendra swamy in his Govinda Vakya no.74 –

“Hemadri Rajatadri tarkavadamu valla, rama dharmajulu vacheruma.” Meaning – ” Because of logical debate between Hemadris (Vaishnavas) and Rajatadri (Shaivas) , Rama Dharmaja( another name for vasantaraya) will come.”

See the things predicted by Sarvajna and Veera Brahmendra are one and same.

The timeline of this situation is mentioned by sarvajna as at age of 11 years of Veera Vasantaraya. As I have mentioned in this site, as per my calculations – Birth date of Veera Vasantaraya is 22nd December, 2026. Thus putting this arrival at srisailam to nearly 2037 A.D. around.

Another point for this situation timeline is, subbaraya predicted that when Jupiter enters Virgo i.e. 03/Nov/2039 – vasantaraya will start his mission. As sarvajna says many good people, brahmins will come to vasantaraya and they shall go north-west to vidyanagara. This may be the start of vasantaraya’s mission. So we come to conclusion that, timeline of this scene shall be between 2037-2039 A.D.

Another is Sri Veera Brahmam’s Govinda vakya no.72. It says “Kanya rasiki Shani pravesamaitenu, Kamalanabhudu payanamayyenama”- When Saturn enters Kanya( Virgo), Kamalanabha(Lord Vishnu) will start journey. i.e. from 22/October/2038.

Thus confining this debate scene and arrival scene of vasantaraya around 2038 A.D.

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