World War III

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Before World War III commences in July 2058, there will be a great war in South-East Asia around 2040 AD. But this is not the world war.

When 2054 arrives, a western city will be bombed with an unexpected Nuclear weapons. This event will make the whole world go chaos.
This is referred as “మీనరాశిగతే మందే మ్ళేచ్ఛానాం నాశనం భవేత్” in Kalagnanam.
And then all the nations will gather to sign a treaty of peace. Though this treaty is a actually a false peace act, all the countries will gather their forces at home. During this treaty time, there shall be a little peace on earth.
And the prophecy “కించిత్ సౌఖ్యంతు జగతి సం యుతే క్రియతే శనౌ” as per Kalagnanam, refers this little peace.

Uptrend of Nativism in America people will make this country withdraw its troops stationed at different Headquarters around the world. Many Europeans nations will call back its fronts from different borders trusted on this false treaty. Everybody in world will think there shall be no wars.

And then the World War commences from Eastern bloc suddenly at mid-night. Russia attacks Germany. Three fronts of Russian army shall move against Europe in three different directions.
One – Szczecin – Berlin – Hamburg – reaches Netherlands.
Two – Saxon – Swizterland – Dresden – reaches Ruhr.
Three – Austria – Augsburg – Prague – reaches Ruhr-Rhine rivers.
These three fronts of Russian Army are prophesied in Bible as “Second Beast of Revelation – A Bear with three bones in its mouth.”

Nobody relays on America anymore. And America too, will not support any European nations until in middle of War. Russia will be more powerful than America by that time. The Chinese will support the Europeans unwillingly and indirectly. The second and third fronts of Russians will face Chinese armies in European lands. England will cheat the other Europe and passes Americans confidential information to Russia in fear of Nuclear Bombing. France will be conquered from inside through Communist Parties. Italy will be under Revolution at beginning of World War 3. Atheism and Communism will rip off the Christian Papacy in Italy and will demolish Vatican city, just before WW3. Pope will flee and hide in unknown places. Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia are conquered easily and without resistance. Sweden will fight but will surrender just before 14 days of End of War. Finland will surrender without oppose.

Nuclear Bombings and Yellow Sulfur poisonous gases are used as main weapons. Adriatic Sea will be colored with blood and bodies. During the War, some Islamic countries will part with Russia and some with Europe and America. Most destroyed part of armies will be Air force. People will flee to mountains and forest for lives. They will hide in dens and caves. Death, rapes and ugly things will be uncountable.

The Pre-final war of World War III will take place in Austria and near Prague between Chinese forces and Russian forces. The Chinese forces by that time reaches Europe by occupying South part of Russia in the way. In this pre-final war, Prague will see a huge destruction through nuclear bomb and nobody knows where Prague will be afterwards. The Chinese forces will defeat Russian forces and the Russian forces while escaping to Germany will set alight there nuclear bases in Rokycany Coal caves, near Pilsen, Czechia to avoid there weapons not falling into Chinese hands. This disastrous incident will trigger a huge earthquake worldwide and releases a poisonous gas from earth core.

This refers to prophecy “The Area of Pilsen will figure it out.”

This poisonous gas with smoke first looks like a Christ on crucifix and later turns into a birch tree. Later the wind will take this poisonous gas to East direction, which covers the earth for 3 days and nights resulting in millions of deaths worldwide.
The Christian prophecies of “3 days and 3 nights of darkness covers the whole world” refers to the incident. And the Kalagnanam prophecy “వృషభరాశిగతే మందే ఈశన్యే విషవాయవః తై స్యా ద్విపరీతజనాః యమలోకం గమిష్యతి” refers the same incident. The Islamic prophecy – “The fog will be followed by three days of darkness. This will occur during the month of Zil-Hajj after Eid ul-Adha.” speaks of the same incident.

Mean-while the exiled Pope dies and Papacy is re-established but not in Rome anymore. A New Pope will be elected. This Pope is Just and Divine. He elects a King who is actually the heir of  French Bourbon Kings Royal bloodline, as new King of Germany. He shall be known as “Chiren”. Gathering some Christians, remaining armies and volunteers – a huge army shall be set up for this King. He shall take them into war with Russian forces.

The defeated Russian troops at Pilsen by Chinese forces, will reach places near Cologne, where the final war takes place. Before the commencement of war, Chiren will kneel before two birch tress and shall pray to God. After that, He sees only victory of his entire life.  The Russian troops and Chiren Armies will meet finally at 60 kilometers of Cologne near Dusseldorf. Chiren and his army will win the war. Only a handful of Russians will reach their home, to tell the tale of WW3. And Chiren will be portrayed as the Hero of World War III.

Russia will suffer an internal Revolution and financial disaster after the WW3. Germany will regain its states which were lost WW I, under the Kingship of Chiren. Germany will become a Super Power.

England will face a Nuclear Bombing because of its traitorous act and South of England will submerge into the North Sea. London will perish into sea. This incident is mentioned in Bible Revelation “Babylon the great, Mother of Prostitutes and Abomination of Earth.”

By 2065 the Population of earth will reduce.

Kalagnanam refers this as “పార్థివో పార్థివో భూపా వ్యయా భూపా క్షయంగతః ” – Between 2005 and 2065, earth burden will rise and earth burden will decrease.

Though the World War III may end, but when the Christian armies and allied Islamic armies fight with Russian forces on same side, then the seed of World War IV is sown.

The Last battle is the Battle of Religions and is centered around the countries of Israel. South and East Europe, North and North-East Africa and Middle East countries will suffer WW4.

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  1. Shedding more light on India vis-a-vis WW-3, & WW-4, if possible will bring the picture prima-facie to us Indians bro. Why to care for the careless, Traitorous & selfish nations anyways are bound to be bombarded irrespective of religion or whatsoever divisive criterion it can b…

      1. Who r we to WORK for kalagnanam sir. We are just trying to understand/ interpret little of it.

        Any ways, my earlier point was, if possible please let us know any predictions/ interpretations on India with respect to World War-3 & 4. Coz we are much interested on our home right sir ? when compared to other countries of world war-3/4.

  2. “When 2054 arrives, a western city will be bombed with an unexpected Nuclear weapons”…
    In above, does it refer Californian state of US? If so, is it Los Angeles or California?

    1. Gottfried prophecies gives a clue of a coastal city?? He says the city will be attacked through a submarine nuclear weapon. Our kalagnanam speaks of Mlecchas destruction when Saturn in Pisces, i.e. 2054 -55-56-57. After that a little peace when Saturn in Aries. 2057 to 59. And poisonous gas in North East when Saturn in Taurus. i.e. 2059. By Halley comet return , population will reduce by 60 percent.
      But regarding the Coastal city , I may guess San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Just guess.

  3. Could you kindly post hindi translation of Kālagñānaṁ? As I have read, more pages of it will be revealed when Sri Kalki Avtara comes, How many ‘estimated’ total pages it has? and, how many have been translated?

    Secondly, regarding above prophecies, could you kindly post the only the translations of Kalagnanam? (Perhaps, a different/additional page for correlating other prophecies?)

    1. Iam sorry I can’t provide you with Hindi translation of Kalagnanam. Iam weak in Hindi language. But your second request, i will try near future.
      Can you kindly elaborate what you are asking in your second question….

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