Summary of Prophecies Worldwide

The following content is summarized from nearly thousands of prophecies said by hundreds of prophets around the world.

  • New Star, Binary Star – KIC9832227, will appear in North Sky in Constellation Cygnus (also known as Northern cross to westerners) before 2024 A.D. This is a 4-faced star which appears on 12th day after full moon in month of Karthikam, and will shine for nearly 25 years. This star indicates the birth of Veera Vasantaraya alias Isa bin Maryam and start of World’s tribulation.
  • Veera Vasantaraya will be born in Kashmir area in year Vishwavasu nama samvatsarm i.e. April 2025 to March 2026.
  • Just after the birth of Veera Vasantaraya, there will be a total solar eclipse described in many prophecies. This eclipse is on August 02, 2027. This eclipse is visible in North Africa, Europe, Middle East and South India.
  • Just after that eclipse there shall be a Rain of Glowing lights around the world. The reason for this rain may be the asteriod 1999 AN10 which appears on August 07, 2027.
  • In year 2035 nearly, there may be a war between China and India. In this war China will occupy some parts of India.
  • In year 2037, Veera Vasantaraya will come to South India and will become a public figure due to some debate scene between Vaishnavaites and Shaivaites in Srisailam.
  • By end of 2039, Veera Vasantaraya will be surrounded by crores of people and goes to Vidyanagara and occupies the throne of Vijayanagara Kingdom.
  • Asteriod 2011 AG5 appears on 05th February 2040, which will have impact on World especially South Asia.
  • Between November 2040 and September 2041, a great war will take place between Islamic nations and India. It is India who first starts war by attacking Pakistan.
  • In February 2041, some crores of people will die due to this war.
  • Before Ramzan 2041, War will be won by Pakistan occupying nearly North part of India. Capital Delhi will be occupied.
  • In September 2041 there will be a great earthquake in Uttar Pradesh and Bengal area which will result in huge destruction and end of war temporarily.
  • Kasi will be closed for 40 days during this war.
  • Along with the war, there will be a revolution in India. This revolution will takes many lives and is also a cause for loss of war by India.
  • In 2042, due to good rains heavy crops are produced.
  • In 2043, Veera Vasantaraya alias Isa bin Maryam will save virtuous people and punishes sinners.
  • In 2044, An army will be gathered by Veera Vasantaraya on banks of Penna and moves towards Srisailam.
  • By 2045, Veera Vasantaraya will be ruling from Kedarnath to Rameswaram.
  • In 2046, Veera Vasantaraya will be crowned as King of India.
  • By 2047, Veera Vasantaraya will be known by name ‘Kalki’.
  • By this time, the promised King of Muslims – 12th Imam Mahdi will be born.
  • Between 2054 and 2056, America will face a huge destruction. The most destructed city will be New York. The cause may be attack by the Middle East Muslims or Russians.
  • Around 2057, Whole world will summit for peace. A treaty will be signed for disarmament. Everyone will think ‘there may be no more wars’ and peace settles everywhere.
  • Revolutions will break in Italy by Atheists and Communists. Vatican city will suffer executions. Pope will flee from Rome and Italy.
  • World War III will begin in 2057 or 2058 July. Russia attacks Germany and whole Europe. China will fight against Russia on Europe grounds. Some Muslim countries will join Russia and some with Europe. America will be of no much help in WW3. British will cheat Americans for Russians. Nuclear bombing and Sulfur gas will be common weapons in WW3. Russia will try to encircle whole Europe through 3 different routes.
  • Global economic crisis will break out. Deaths will be common.
  • In 2059, Pope will be murdered. A new pope will be elected. This pope will elect a King who is a German and he belongs to Royal Bloodline of Roman-France Bourbon Kings. His popular name is ‘CHIREN’.
  • By end of 2059,  Chiren will defeat Russians who has already lost war with Chinese. But in between this, a huge nuclear bombing will trigger a worldwide earthquake, which will emit a huge poisonous gas into the sky. And this poisonous gas will travel east direction killing millions of lives covering the whole earth for 3 days and 3 nights.
  • By 2061, Earth population will reduce by 60 %, especially Europe population. Rich will become paupers and travels to African countries for safety where they will be treated as slaves.
  • Halley comet returns. This stands as a sign for rise of Third Antichrist, Imam Mahdi.
  • Russia will follow a revolution after WW3 defeat. Germany will become next Super Power under leadership of Chiren.
  • But by the end of WW3, Christian soldiers and Muslim soldiers will fight against each other for credit of Victory between Jesus and Allah. This fight will give birth to series of wars after World War 3.
  • In 2062, there will be Yuga sandhi.
  • A huge famines and plagues will succeed the World War III in many places of earth. The famine is so worst that father will kill his own son in fight for food. The Plague will be so dreadful that no one will be there to honor the dead corpses.
  • People from South and East of Europe will move to North and West Europe. This will give space for Middle East Muslims to occupy Spain, Italy, Hungary and Greece.
  • After 2065, there are plenty of wars between Christians and Muslims.

Events from 2065 onward are plenty and confusing. Hence need still more research. And will be updated soon.

The above conclusions are drawn based on the Prophecies from Veera Brahmendra Swamy, Saint Sarvajna, Kalki Purana, Quran and Islamic prophecies, Kitab Al-Fitan, Kitab Al-Gayab, Prophecies by Buddha, Bible Revelation, Daniel Visions, Prophecies from Europe, Prophecies of Native American tribes, African prophecies, Yogi Subbaraya prophecies, Catholic saints Prophecies, Prophecies by Shankaracharya, Vidyaranya and Maharshi Veda Vyas and many more. No prophecy above is concluded without recorded support.

My Dear GOD, Forgive and correct me, If THY wrong.